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The Best 7 Reliable Communication Apps for Your Remote Employees

The corporate world today is more complicated than it has ever been. This means that a company can either grow or perish as new technologies emerge, competitors change their strategies, and consumers demand a better product.

Fortunately, modern technology has developed web-based communication platforms that allow employees to coordinate efforts from miles apart. There are dozens of such apps available now, but these are the best for your remote workers.

What Are the Best Communication Apps for Your Remote Employees?

There is always a need to communicate with people who may not be in the same office as you, it helps with business growth and productivity, and your company’s reputation keeps growing. The following are the best communication apps for your remote employees:

1. Slack

A collaborative workspace application, Slack is one of the top communication tools for teams who work in remote offices or from home offices. It allows you to access every message you need and share files, images, and videos through its powerful search engine. You can create channels within Slack, making it easier to categorize information according to topics.

2. Skype

This Internet-based messaging tool is one of the most popular communication apps for teams that work from home or in different regions. It allows you to connect with your workmates worldwide and even provides top-notch video calls to see what your co-workers look like when they are in front of you.

Skype also has built-in collaboration tools, which allow you to attend conference calls with as many people as you want. Skype isn’t perfect, though. It has limited file-sharing capabilities, which makes it impossible for you to securely share a document that you need to share with your workmates. If this is not a problem for you, Skype is one of the best communication apps for remote employees.

3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an integrated communications system for Google Drive users. It works like a chat room, in which everyone can easily upload files and record recordings so that everyone can have a clear idea of what is going on. You can even send voice messages.

This tool has become the favourite of many remote workers because of its seamless integration with Google Drive and Gmail. The only downside is that the audio and video aren’t always high quality, so you’ll have to deal with some lags and choppy images.

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is a cloud-based project management program that can be used as a project management tool and a primary communication system. This tool can be helpful for companies with remote workers in different regions. It makes it easier for you to share files, chat with co-workers, and organize tasks and other information in the cloud, which means that you can access it from any computer or mobile device.

5. Yammer

Microsoft has developed this communications tool, and it’s useful for companies with work teams located in different regions. It provides a more focused form of communication, which means that you can only talk to people who are in your company.

Although, the only thing is that you can’t turn your Yammer platform into a visual communication system, and it’s not very useful to users who have outside clients and customers.

The Best 7 Reliable Communication Apps for Your Remote Employees - Newslibre
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6. Spot

Spot, an app designed for walking meetings, is a mobile-based app that will allow you to connect with your co-workers from anywhere. This app’s key feature is its simplicity. It doesn’t include many advanced features, but it will enable you to send text messages, photos and videos in just a few seconds. With this app, you can also see who’s online at every moment and follow other people’s locations if you want to see where they are right now.

7. Hypercontext

Hypercontext is a collaboration and file-sharing tool that allows you to create projects organized in different folders for each company branch. Hypertext is easy to use, and it will enable users in other regions or departments to stay in touch while providing an overview of what everyone is doing. Teams may agree on meeting agendas for 1:1s, team meetings, and cross-functional meetings using Hypercontext.

The software helps you manage effective and meaningful meetings by providing 500 topic starters and 180 goal examples. You’re held responsible for specific following actions after each appointment. Managers also access discussion data to help analyze communication blindspots and real-time employee feedback to assess meeting effectiveness over time.


In today’s world of globalization, companies often have employees working in different countries or even other states. While communicating with workers via email is easy if the entire team is not sitting in the same headquarters, they need sustainability strategies that allow them to discuss items and exchange files quickly and reliably.

This is where online communication apps come into play; there are always some factors that can interfere with this goal. It could be challenging for you to choose which communication tools for remote workers is ideal for your business. However, if you consider what your company needs and your budget, it’ll be easier for you to decide. To learn more about reliable communication apps, visit our blog now.


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