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The Belle Curves Release Heartfelt Sophomore Album, ‘Watershed’

American recording artist The Belle Curves released their sophomore album Watershed a few days back on all streaming platforms. Singer-songwriter behind The Belle Curves, Delaney Hafener, effortlessly blends both country and Americana in her heartfelt LP.

Watershed is a testament to one experiencing homesickness, love, and life on the road while finding the pleasure in discovering yourself and understanding America in its full form. The album follows the single “Left Unsaid” as well as a single and accompanying music video, “Check Engine Light” – a set of songs sure to tug at the heartstrings.

“Much of the album was written in the aftermath of coming home from being on the road in some capacity, about relationships other than romantic relationships, being at odds with the culture you find yourself in and making peace with that dissonance.” – Delaney Hafener of The Belle Curves

Long Island, New York may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of country-Americana music with a strong rural connection, but you might think differently after spending some time with the work of singer-songwriter Delaney Hafener.

The driving force behind The Belle Curves, Hafener has a way of turning your assumptions upside down. Whatever preconceived notions you harbour about country music, the USA, love, relationships, identity and belonging, you’ll likely find yourself looking from a newfound vantage point after hearing a few Belle Curves songs.

Though certainly incisive, Hafener’s music also conveys consideration, thoughtfulness, and a sincere desire to know what it’s like in another person’s shoes, even when taking them to a task. Hafener approaches her songwriting from the premise that country music, and American roots music more generally, have infinite room to grow, even as she honours all the tradition that precedes her.

Be sure to listen to Watershed by The Belle Curves, here.

The Belle Curves – Watershed Tracklist

The Belle Curves Release Heartfelt Sophomore Album, 'Watershed' - Newslibre

  1. Check Engine Light

  2. We Haven’t Been Talking

  3. Whole New Homesick

  4. Left Unsaid

  5. Gold Watch & Chain

  6. Rosé Drive-Thru

  7. Gas Station Waltz

  8. 1968

  9. Spent

  10. Sun and Moon

  11. You’ll Still Adore Me


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The Belle Curves Release Heartfelt Sophomore Album, 'Watershed' 1

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