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Rwanda Moves Curfew to 7PM as COVID19 Cases Increase

In light of the increasing number of COVID19 cases in Rwanda, President Paul Kagame held a cabinet meeting to discuss strategies on how best to manage the pandemic in the country.

On Wednesday, the Rwanda cabinet discussed the unprecedented increase in the number of Coronavirus related deaths, community transmissions with the major concern being the capital city, Kigali.

The following and compliance of the COVID19 prevention guidelines were decentralized to local leaders who are responsible and accountable for it all. They were also given permission to close off businesses that weren’t compliant with the guidelines.

Currently, Rwanda has a total of 3,306 confirmed cases of COVID19 and a total of 14 deaths registered countrywide.

In a bid to ensure that community cases COVID19 related deaths in the country reduce, the movement has been reduced. This now means that the public is not allowed to move between the hours of 7 pm and 5 AM.

As a way of ensuring that the virus spread in the country reduces and besides curfew reduction, the public has been urged to ensure that they wear masks at all times, all services that resumed must continue with adhering to COVID19 guidelines, and most importantly, all traders are urged to accept digital payments for all products and services.

Mass gatherings are prohibited unless one gets permission from the authority and even then, they can use 30% of the venue’s capacity.

Rwanda Moves Curfew to 7PM as COVID19 Cases Increase -Newslibre
Public transport out of Kigali has been banned by the Rwanda government. (Image Credit: Soft power News)

Public transport to the outside of Kigali has been prohibited, however, private cars have been allowed to move in and out of the Kigali but they too have been asked to adhere to all the SOPs in place.

The government has also stated that private businesses can continue to operate at only 50% and have advised that the other 50% can continue working from home and apply a rotation basis.

For Malls and markets, Rwanda has advised that they can continue operating but only at 50% and with proper adherence to the Health directives by the Ministry of Health of Rwanda.

The government has also categorically stated that tourism in the country will continue which means that people are allowed to enter the Eastern African country.

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