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98 New COVID19 Cases Registered in Uganda

Uganda through the Ministry of Health has today announced that the country has recorded 98 new COVID19 cases which brings the total to 1,848 as the cumulative total of cases in the country.

The East African country has been doing a good job in as far as managing the pandemic goes with recoveries from the virus at 1,199.

Despite all the good efforts in containing the virus, a spike in cases in Uganda has seen the country recording over 192 COVID cases in 48 hours.

Of the 98 new coronavirus cases in Uganda, 75 of those cases are from the capital city, Kampala, and the district yesterday registered 51 of the 94 cases that were announced yesterday. This makes Kampala the epicenter of the pandemic across the entire country.

98 New COVID19 Cases Registered in Uganda - Newslibre
How the new 98 COVID19 cases are distributed across Uganda. (Image Credit: MOH)

With that said, the Kampala Capital City Authority noted that there is a high violation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) in public transport and places of work, including the recently opened arcades. Slums like Kasosoko, Kisenyi, Nakulabye are believed to have a rise in the community-based cases.

The Ministry of KCCA cautioned all public to be wary of workplaces and arcades that are not exercising all the SOPs because they are putting you at risk.

Across Kampala, many can be seen moving in congested areas without exercising social distancing while others are not wearing any masks to protect them.

98 New COVID19 Cases Registered in Uganda - Newslibre
There is a worry that offices, arcades are not observing COVID19 SOPs. (Image Credit: Xinhuanet)

Generally, the Ministry of Health has made a plea to all the members of the general public to protect themselves and wear masks because the government can not manage the virus alone as it had done before when the virus had just started in the country and across the globe.

Some critics are also not shy to state that the way politicians are going about their campaigns could be one of the reasons why there is a spike because there is no social distancing in most and for many, even wearing masks seems to be an alien practice.

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