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Nigeria To Issue Africans Visas on Arrival

Nigeria has joined Ghana and a host of few countries that issue visas to Africans when they land into  their countries. The announcement was made by President Muhammadu Buhari.

There have been several calls over the years for African countries to remove visas on Africans to ease on transport and business within the continent and for an economic giant like Nigeria to do this, makes it easier for the rest of the countries.

President Buhari said that it was testament to Nigeria’s commitment to see “free movement of Africans within Africa”. The announcement comes five months after Nigeria signed a deal aimed at promoting free trade on the continent.

Nigeria is committed to supporting the free movement of Africans within Africa. Yesterday at the Aswan Forum in Egypt I announced that, in January 2020, we will commence issuance of visas at the point of entry into Nigeria, to all persons holding passports of African countries.” Read the statement made by the president during the meeting of African heads at the African Union in Egypt.

Nigeria Heading the Right Direction With Visas for Africans upon Arrival

Nigeria To Issue Africans Visas on Arrival - Newslibre
Nigeria could see a massive influx of Africans visiting it. (Image Credit:

At the moment, applicants often need to make a request for a visa in their country of origin, and it will be issued when they arrive in the West African state, this has always been an issue for some travelers.

This arrangement will be changing starting on new years of 2020 where all African travelers will be receiving their visas once they have landed in Nigeria making traveling even easier. According to BBC Nigeria correspondent Mayeni Jones says.

Nigeria is seen as an African superpower, with the biggest economy and population. With this move, Nigeria could see a rise in economy and also a high rise in tourism.

The big question now is whether other African countries will be joining the West African state in issuing visas to Africans upon arrival as Africa looks to see ease in movement but also a boost in economy on the continent.

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  1. Even if the government reassured the public that this is the best thing for the country to do, they still think that the visa policy will only weaken the security of the country as well as the immigration process. They think that the country will not be able to cater all the foreign nationals going in and out of the country and it’s giving them a hard time to believe the president’s intention in implementing the policy.

    1. True about the security issue. Even though its a great idea, the problems a country will face when they make their entry much easier can be catastrophic. Look at United States, its one of those countries where its not easy to get a VISA to and for that they have their reasons especially with security.

      Much as its a great opportunity for people to travel and also create less boundaries towards VISA application process, it can turn into a nightmare when people with ill intentions take advantage of it.

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