Nigeria in Day 2 of Protests After A Woman and Man were Killed by SARS - Newslibre

Nigeria in Day 2 of Protests After A Woman and Man were Killed by SARS

On the 8th of October, Youth across Nigeria joined forces to protest against the unfair treatment that they are going through under the hands of their police SARS. The Youth and citizens alike are demanding that SARs is disbanded by the government but all their pleas have since fallen to deaf ears.

Protesters across Lagos, are into the second day of a sit-in campaign calling on the government to scrap a notorious police unit (SARs) that is accused by many of brutality.

According to the Youth, SARs has been targeting young people who look fashionable, look like they have money, those who have piercings, nice car, wearing airpods, having a laptop, an iPhone among many others.

The protesters, mostly young people, spent Thursday night in front of the government house in Alausa, Ikeja and refused to leave despite government officials speaking to them.

Nigeria in Day 2 of Protests After A Woman and Man were Killed by SARS - Newslibre
Nigeria’s Youth in Lagos protesting the continued police brutality in the country. (Image Credit: bellanaija)

The state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu who had promised “appropriate” and “speedy” action to resolve the harassment and extrajudicial killings the police unit has been accused of, was away in neighbouring Ondo state where there is a local election on Saturday.

Nigerian celebrities like Wizkid, actress Genevieve Naji among others have been very vocal on Twitter calling on their government to end the police brutality.

What did SARs do That Has Led the Youth to Protest in Nigeria ?

The SARs have been very notorious in Nigeria doing all sorts of manners to civilians across the country and mostly in Lagos. But these are some of the issues that have been highlighted by the Youth is that the Police has been harassing people, detaining youth and women without any cause.

They have also been attacking people without cause, they are also extorting from the citizens to the extent of escorting them to the ATMs so that they can be given money.

But the ones that probably got to the Youth were the increased Rape cases by the SARs, killing of people that had also increased from the police Unit.

In particular, a woman was shot in the mouth by a SARs officer after she rejected his advances something that has riled up many people across the nation.

Another man was shot in Delta state during one of the protests against the increased police brutality in the country.

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Nigeria in Day 2 of Protests After A Woman and Man were Killed by SARS 1

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