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Winnie Nwagi Signs New Contract with Swangz Avenue

Ugandan music star Winnie Nwagi recently signed a new deal with popular records label Swangz Avenue. The 31-year-old diva’s contract with the Industrial Area-based record label had been reported to have come to its end a couple of months ago.

This revelation led to some apprehension amongst fans and music analysts alike, as speculation grew that the label might not renew its association with the ‘Fire Dancer’, who has been a golden goose for their label.

Nwagi came to prominence in 2014 with songs like ‘Katono Katono’ and ‘Embeera’. After emerging as the second runner up in the second season of “CocaCola Rated Next”, in 2014, she won a recording contract with Swangz Avenue, one of the best artiste management companies in the country.

The partnership between Nwagi and the label has been a fruitful one, with her consistently releasing several hits under the guidance of Swangz Avenue.

Swangz Avenue CEO Julius Kyazze came out to praise Nwagi, posting a video of the signing ceremony with the caption, “She’s incredibly talented. We are happy to continue creating art together”, and asked her to continue making more music with them.

Nwagi is then seen and heard saying, “First of all, I’m grateful, it’s really nice, I’m happy to continue. Let’s make more music”

Swangz Avenue founder and Director Benon Mugumbya then shakes hands with Nwagi, and says: “The journey has been nice, but there is still so much more to shoot for.”

Winnie Nwagi extends her contract with Swangz Avenue

There would be absolutely no major reason for not continuing the relationship, which has seen her establish herself as one of the best female artistes in Uganda over the better part of the last ten years.

Nwagi, who is responsible for mega-hits such as Musawo, Magic, Show Me, Matala, Jangu, and Kwata Esiimu, has a penchant for controversy. Last week, she found herself in the news after she posted revealing photos of herself clad in nothing but a bikini, leading to an online controversial debate about body shaming.

It is now clear that her flamboyance did not factor in the contract negotiations at all, as the label has officially announced its confidence in Nwagi in spite of the somewhat frisky nature of the star. Apart from that, the news will not go down well for her detractors who were already spreading false reports about the artiste and label having parted ways because of her shenanigans.


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Author: Timothy Ainebyoona

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