Google's Gmail, Drive, and Meet are Down - Newslibre

Google’s Gmail, Drive, and Meet are Down

Today, many users across the globe are unable to send out emails using Google‘s Gmail. The service has been down for several hours. Users are currently facing the challenge of not being able to attach documents to their emails and or even send out emails at all.

Although some have been able to receive emails, the general knowledge is that not many are able to do much in regards to sharing any information on arguably the most popular emailing platform.

The shut down that was detected by Down Detector has affected users from around the world, Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. Other services by Google like Meet and Google Drive are also down limiting users to just bystanders as they wait for the issue to be rectified the issue.

Google said that it was aware its users were having problems and was working to understand the cause of the outage. Not all of the services are entirely broken. Some users are able to load Gmail as normal, for instance – and others can access their messages, but are unable to send them.

Gmail and other Google services are down

Google's Gmail, Drive, and Meet are Down - Newslibre
Users are unable to attach documents on Google’s Gmail or Drive. (Image credit: Independent)

Google’s problems came at the same time as issues at Slack, which said that some of its customers “may have trouble loading new messages or connecting to Slack”. As with the Google outage, the problems do not appear to be affecting all of the service’s users.

The other section of Google products that is down is the Google Docs that many uses for writing and the like. However, Google says that they are doing everything to restore the normal operation of their services.


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