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Uganda Records 94 New COVID19 Cases and 3 Deaths in 24 Hours

The Ministry of Health of Uganda has today announced a record-high 93 new COVID19 cases in the last 24 hours. This is the highest the country has registered so far.

The ministry also announced 3 deaths as a result of coronavirus in the country, a record high as per the country’s records.

According to the Ministry of Health, the 3 deaths are 31 and 45-year-old males and a 57-year-old female who passed on while in admission at different private hospitals in Kampala. This now brings the total number of deaths to 19. The Ministry says that the 3 presented with signs and symptoms for the virus.

Uganda Records Highest Number of COVID19 Cases

Of the 94 new cases, 51 alone are from Kampala raising the alert about the increased spread of the coronavirus in the community around Kampala and the central region. Wakiso and Buvuma have each registered 2 cases.

The number of cases in the country is continuing to raise concerns. However, in today’s message, the Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng stated that the government doesn’t plan on enforcing stricter laws on the public and that everyone has a role to play for self-care to avoid contracting COVID19.

“In light of the spike in the cases in Kampala in Metropolitan area, this is evidence that the rate of community transmission is high. The public is strongly advised to take personal responsibility to avoid contracting COVID19. The earlier we change our attitude and behavior towards COVID19, the better for our health and nation.” Said a statement from the ministry.

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Uganda Records 94 New COVID19 Cases and 3 Deaths in 24 Hours 1

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