8 People Reported Dead in a Fatal Crash Between Truck and Modern Coast Bus

In recent months, the number of accidents involving coasters and tracks in Uganda has gone high and yesterday a truck lost control and collided with a Modern Coast bus which led to many fatalities.

The YY buses that go to the Eastern parts of Uganda and the Gaaga buses that go to the Northern parts of Uganda are some of the companies that have been involved in a series of accidents a lot more often.

At least eight people were killed on Sunday morning when a truck collided with a passenger bus Modern Coast from Kenya in Nakawa, along the Jinja-Tororo highway, Uganda.

The truck was coming from the Kampala direction when it veered off the road and crashed into the Kampala-bound Modern Coast bus, witness Besweri Kawanguzi said.

He was on his way to his farm at around 5.30am when he witnessed the accident.

The injured were taken to various hospitals, including Bugiri, Iganga and Fast Line Medical Centre in Bugiri where they were to get first emergency response.

The bus was carrying over 40 passengers and 8 of them died.

Police took the bodies to Bugiri Hospital mortuary and this is where the relatives and friends will be able to pick the bodies from.

The officer-in-charge of traffic at Bugiri Police Station, Mr Hopkins Twesiga, said the bus had 40 passengers on board and six of them were killed in the accident.

Earlier reports had indicated that only one survivor had been registered from the accident but it is reported that only six of the passengers died on the spot while others carry very serious injuries.

The question that is on most people’s minds is if the truck was in proper mechanical condition and if not, what measures are the police going to carry out to ensure that these accidents reduce.

Some reports also suggest that the bus was speeding and that one of them tried to overtake without having a clear vision of the incoming traffic.


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