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Shawn Maine Releases His First Single Off His Upcoming EP “Run”

Ugandan singer-songwriter Shawn Maine has released his first single, ‘Run’ off his debut EP: After The Pain, produced by Reymacc, mixed and mastered by Baru.

On the single Run, Shawn Maine delves into a story about a character named “Bambi” who he so deeply likes and can’t stop thinking about but unfortunately for him, Bambi likes a good chase.

As a soulful yet pop-driven song, RUN takes you on a journey about persistence in chasing the one you love and not giving up even when they make it 10 times harder.

Shawn is an alternative RnB artist that fuses many genres to create his sound. Coming from Uganda, Shawn Maine is influenced by many acts like Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean, Whitney Houston, Burna Boy, and many more.

Maine started pursuing music professionally in 2019 and since then he has released a couple of projects and opened for international acts like Jidenna and Wizkid.

The entire EP is set to be released on the 30th of October with Shawn taking a major focus on telling a story about reciprocated love. A tale that arguably many will be well familiar with.

Shawn Maine releases his upcoming “Run” single from EP: Afte The Pain

As people, it’s natural to crave affection and love but the biggest setback for many is where they reach the point of not shooting shots again, and when the person you want doesn’t have the same feelings.

In a day and age where everyone is trying to take their shot to get into a relationship or friendship or entanglement, Shawn will be telling a side that many tend to suffer with quietly, loving a person who certainly seems like they would rather be selling shoes than be in love with you.

The Extended Play by Maine will have 5 tracks and these will all detail the story that he is trying to tell. You can stream “RUN” on all the available online music platforms.

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Shawn Maine Releases His First Single Off His Upcoming EP "Run" 1

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