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Rivals Drop New Track “Alkaline” Ahead of Their Album Release On 19 March

Los Angeles alt-rock band Rivals have dropped “Alkaline,”  a cinematic pop-rock filled banger ahead of their sophomore release, Sad Looks Pretty on Me.

Available on all major DSPs today and featured by Wolf in a Suit, “Alkaline” defies any preconceived notions of the band with an electronic-rock crossover that exudes the vibrant energy of their live shows.  The song is a powerful, moody anthem about finding balance in our lives.

Like Rivals’ latest song, “Strawberries,” “Alkaline,” showcases the depth and diversity of the band’s forthcoming album. Sad Looks Pretty on Me will be released on March 19, 2021, via Smartpunk Records.

On the newest track release, vocalist. Kalie Wolfe states:

“Alkaline’ is a reference to the PH balance of water, and the hope of trying to find that sense of perfect balance between your personal lows and your highs. I also got to finally explain a moment of intense vertigo I have had in real life so that was also a fun one!” – Kalie Wolfe

Rivals’ new album, Sad Looks Pretty on Me, exists in two worlds. The Los Angeles quartet — vocalist Kalie Wolfe, bassist Sebastian Clarke, guitarist Micket Woodle, and drummer Josh Alves — draw a wobbly line between blossoming pop-rock and wilting post-hardcore, often alternating between sides for earth-shattering effects. By wearing their inspirations proudly (and enlisting the help of contemporaries), Rivals clamour for the attention of both radio listeners and bedroom moshers.

Eventually, their explosive live act—which has garnered the attention of audiences nationwide—will wear this new set of songs. Try this on for size: how many songs have you heard that begin like “Fake Rich,” out of the gate with stuttering percussion, but end up turning the corner with a gnarly breakdown courtesy of Cane Hill frontman Elijah Witt?

It’s a perfect distillation of the band’s core ethos: create a club hit, curl it around sneering guitars and urgent drums, tear it down. While this mentality of pop-metal destruction is relentless and well-stocked here, like on the pitch-shifted alt-metal of “On the Loose” and the dirtied, jagged synth-rock of “Little Mistakes,” Wolfe and company are concerned with creation, too.

From the ashes of tortuous mental anguish, Rivals always rise to the challenge of confronting demons head-on—while fashioning their moods into something irresistible.

Alkaline is a reference to the PH balance of water, and the hope of trying to find that sense of perfect balance

Since the release of their debut EP in 2015, titled Haunted/Hunted, the band has been making waves and for good reason. Revered by many on their live performance, RVLS has previously toured the country with bands like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Tillian, and on the ShipRocked cruise.

In 2016, Rivals gained mass attention with their unique take on twenty one pilotsʼ track, “Heathens,” which has garnered over 1 Million listens collectively. In 2018, Rivals released their first full-length LP, Damned Soul via Smartpunk Records.

Damned Soul garnered an enthusiastic response, with praise from critics at Billboard and over 5 Million streams.

Head to Wolf in a Suit today to check out the new track Alkaline.” Rivals’ sophomore album will be out on 3/19/21 via Smartpunk Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Sad Looks Pretty on Me Track Listing:

Rivals Release Music Video for "Sad Looks Pretty On Me" and Announce New Album Details - Newslibre

  1. Sad Looks Pretty On Me
  2. Lavenders
  3. Change Things (ft. Dutch Melrose)
  4. Strawberries
  5. Little Mistakes
  6. Fake Rich (ft. Elijah Witt)
  7. On The Loose
  8. Dead Flowers
  9. Alkaline
  10. Are You Listening?
  11. To: Dom
  12. Why


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Rivals Drop New Track "Alkaline" Ahead of Their Album Release On 19 March 1

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