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NC17 Finally Releases “Something Different” A Punk Rock Single Off Their Debut EP

NC17 finally released their first single “Something’s Different” off their debut EP, Nasty Habits, set to be released on January 21, 2022. The track opens up with a catchy Green Day-inspired riff combined with upbeat drums and is filled with whoa’s to sing along to.

This track is about bad first impressions and second chances, all things that we can relate to. Writing this track was a challenge at first, but once the ball got rolling, it easily became a band favourite:

“When this song finally came together, I knew we had something special. Then we wrote the key change at the end and that cemented it for me personally. You throw in a key change and automatically the song is a 10/10.” – Ryan, Bassist of NC17

NC17 is a female-fronted four-piece bubblegum punk rock band from Richmond, VA. Each song is a hook-filled singalong, with a high-energy live show to back it up. With nothing to prove and no egos attached, NC17 is all about the next show, small or large, and the next anthem to be written.

Keep up to date with NC17 and their upcoming releases on their social media. Follow the band online: FacebookInstagramTwitterYoutubeBandcamp

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NC17 Finally Releases "Something Different" A Punk Rock Single Off Their Debut EP 1

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