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Galactic Pop Duo Lunaluxe and MIZZI Take Us To Space In Debut Single

Introducing lunaluxe, the Galactic Pop duo whose music is an addicting out-of-this-world adventure of girl-power. Their debut single, “All About You” is a collaboration with pop artist MIZZI whose in-your-face take on pop music has landed her on shows such as MTV’s Teen Mom, Netflix’s Selling Sunset, TLC’s Dragnificent, and more.

Hidden behind two virtual personas, Luna and Luxe, lunaluxe is making its way onto the music scene with a mission: to remind people that it’s important to love and be true to yourself. The duo wanted to maintain this message in their debut single:

“All About You’ is a big dose of female empowerment — 3 strong females collaborating on one song was such amazing energy and so much fun. This song is about giving yourself the space to be who you are and be at your best — mind, body and soul. We hope it makes you want to dance or push yourself a little further in everything you do.” – lunaluxe

lunaluxe is a “Galactic Pop” duo from a dreamlike universe in a faraway galaxy. The two powerful femmes – Luna, who is angelic-yet-edgy, and Luxe, a sultry and glamorous persona – collaborate as soul sisters who create music to transport you into another world.

Lunaluxe and MIZZI give out a big dose of female empowerment in the new song All About You

Lunaluxe writes fun and colourful songs about confidence, independence, and loving yourself, with a core theme of female empowerment. Veiled behind their mysterious monikers, Luna Luxe presents as a powerful synergistic entity that brings their universe down to Earth.

The duo’s music is a reflection of the important message they want to put out in the universe — accept yourself and love yourself and be who you are. Society does not say how you love yourself, you do, and in lunaluxe’s world, those boundaries don’t exist.

Be sure to check lunaluxe’s debut single, “All About You,” on all DSPs today.  You can also follow the duo online: InstagramYoutubeTik-TokSpotify

Galactic Pop Duo Lunaluxe and MIZZI Take Us To Space In Debut Single 1

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