Lukas Blacc Brings An Artistic Multi-fused Experience With Birth of Black Vibes (BoBV) Album - Newslibre

Lukas Blacc Brings An Artistic Multi-fused Experience With Birth of Black Vibes (BoBV) Album

Having started off his professional career in 2020, Lukas Blacc, real names Luke Olule Lokebe has steadily grown his artistic talent and recently released his amazing project dubbed Birth of Black Vibes (BoBV) album on all DSPs offering an Afro-pop, soul fused, rap and non-genre specific sound.

The Birth of Black Vibes (BoBV) album is a beautifully produced and crafted ten-track album that offers the listener a gentle but groovy Afro Swing fusion experience that isn’t commonly experienced within the Ugandan music scene, which is honestly true for an industry constantly flooded with new artists year in and out.

According to Lukas Blacc, BoBV is a project that took over two years to craft, and it is an embodiment of carefully crafted singles over a period of time. The ten-track project is mixed, mastered, and produced by the iconic producer Axon and distributed by the Ntinda-based label Brambram Records with the project’s Executive Producer being Derrick Kotevu alias Kderrick.

Right off the bat, tracks like How Far, Ebyange, Midnight Drum, Night Shift and Sasila are some of the best highlights of the Birth of Black Vibes (BoBV) album. Lukas Blacc definitely put time and effort working on this album and it is clearly evident with how well mastered and produced the tracks are.

We also get to experience Lukas Blacc’s good vocal talent and lyrical style including how well the artist infuses a groovy and upbeat Pop vibe while adding an Afro and soul touch to his work which makes the Birth of Black Vibes one of the best albums released this year.

The album also features talent from the likes of Lagum the Rapper, Likkle Bangi, Kohen Jaycee, Trouble Merci, Axon, Gideon Roots, Akeine, CXNRVD, and Jenesis that add an exciting flavour and sound to the entire album.

The artiste and the producer exhibit pure artistry from the get-go and throughout this genre-spanning project showing flexibility and comfort in various forms of music, Blacc seeks to embrace a challenge and create a non-genre-specific sound known as ‘BlaccVibes’.

A creative introduction sets the album’s pace to the project voiced by Trouble Merci who paves the way for a heart-throbbing banger in Senorita where Blacc unleashes a fusion of rap and dancehall which is seamlessly followed by the melodic vibes of How Far featuring Akeine into the album’s lead single Ebyange (ft. Kohen Jaycee).

Being the album’s lead single, Ebyange is a powerful sweet tune where Lukas Blacc features R&B sensation Kohen Jaycee, making it a to-die-for collaboration. The song brings the contrasting styles of Lukas and Kohen to create a track in appreciation of the African woman.

Lukas Blacc Exhibits Pure Artistry in His Birth of Black Vibes (BoBV) Album

The second part of the album manifests African reggae and dancehall with tracks like Midnight Drum, Sasila featuring Jenesis Kimera and Tears featuring Gideon Roots all having a reggae feel to them. This can be credited to Lukas Blacc’s long love for raga dancehall coined by Jamaican artists and developed by early Ugandan urban artists.

The album transitions into an Afro Swing fusion with R&B melodies titled Night Shift where Lukas gets real on how love is a fading truth but can’t be resisted. The track is a show of the poetry skills earned by the fourth-year law student over the years with inspiration from good production.

Lukas Blacc Brings An Artistic Multi-fused Experience With Birth of Black Vibes (BoBV) Album - Newslibre

The album then proceeds into a hard-hitting collaboration League, featuring Cxnrvd & Axon which is a poetic and melodic celebration of Africanacity and what it means to love one’s people. A lively track with the superb execution of Cxnrvd and the magical fingers of Axon, it promises a lot for the listener.

The album is capped off by a Hip Hop track titled One Thing featuring Likkle Bangi & Lagum the Rapper as Lukas Blacc showcases his rap ability by rubbing shoulders with industry veteran Lagum who delivers well-executed bars with the icing on the cake being the foreign voice of Likkle who calls out the haters in a hook you’ll want to hear all day.

BoBV is an experience rather than just a collection of songs as the listener is taken for a ride through different genres with bangers littered everywhere.  Birth of Blacc Vibes as the title suggests is Lukas’ first major step in his musical evolution.

In 2020, Lukas Blacc began his professional career with the release of singles like Step Up, Turn Up, and Rent Free among others. His latest release Money Magic ft Axon & Tia has earned him attention from his counterparts in the urban music scene. Lukas hopes that he can inspire the growth of the Ugandan music scene to make sure it rubs shoulders with international acts worldwide with a focus on the growth of craft.

Lukas Blacc Brings An Artistic Multi-fused Experience With Birth of Black Vibes (BoBV) Album - Newslibre

Birth of Black Vibes is now available for streaming online. Expect more from this crafty urban sensation. Follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram.


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Lukas Blacc Brings An Artistic Multi-fused Experience With Birth of Black Vibes (BoBV) Album 1

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