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Stud Count Revs Up High Energy In “Give Me Time” Music Video

Fashion-forward Philly-based indie punk band, Stud Count, contemplate surface-level friendships in their new single “Give Me Time.”

After debuting their soft, catchy pop sound on their previous single “Through My Window,” their latest track balances our first impressions of Stud Count with a more high-energy punk sound that is also prevalent on their upcoming self-titled album tracklist, debuting in its entirety on July 22, 2022, via Smartpunk Records. “Give Me Time” is outright catchy with its classic, infectious, and aggressive post-punk vibe.

“I wrote this song about the emptiness of surface-level friendships and the effect they have over time; desiring depth, truth and decency and scarcely being able to find it.” – Norelle Green, Vocalist of Stud Count

Counting such influences as Wipers, Garbage, and Husker Dü, Stud Count is a new Philadelphia-based band featuring familiar faces. The new endeavour comprises current/former members of Drill Sergeant, The Dividing Line, Academy Order, Fluoride, Leashes, and Fixation.

Combining an abrasive post-punk edge with a melodic undercurrent beneath it all, Stud Count features drummer Bret Hart, bassist Jake Beaver, vocalist Norelle Green, Max D’ambra and Matthew Green on guitars.

The group found its beginnings at the tail end of 2019, hanging out in a West Philly apartment. Founding member Matthew Green had written a demo’s-worth of ’77-style punk songs, seeking to combine the trademark hook-laden proto-punk sound of bands like Buzzcocks and The Undertones with the edge of modern hardcore. Green and drummer Bret Hart had met earlier that year at a local gig while both of their bands at the time were touring steadily.

After some concerted talk, Green and his wife Norelle took a week in the mountains to tighten up a handful of songs with Norelle on main vocals and Matthew on guitar.

Stud Count, contemplate surface-level friendships in their new single “Give Me Time

Soon after, the band had their first practice, tracked their two-song Demonstration (2020), and planned their first performances. In January 2020, they were invited for a live interview and track premiere on Philadelphia’s Museum of Punk Radio Show and soon after booked their demo release show alongside Webbed Wing, Gel and Luxe.

Still riding the high of the gig, the group began to demo songs for a full LP. Unsure of when they’d be able to perform again when the pandemic hit, Matthew and Norelle took to the mountains again to distance track songs for the Pleasure Center Promo (2020, released on tape by Convulse) and tighten demos for a full LP. Later that autumn, the band booked studio time with Zach Miller (Gel, Sick Shit, Fluoride, Academy Order), finishing up that December.

Still unsure if or when shows would come back, they sat on the record until the summer of 2021 when they eventually found their home on Florida’s Smartpunk Records. With the world opened up and their debut self-titled LP on the way out, Stud Count stands to have a busy 2022.

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Stud Count – Give Me Time


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