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“Shelter” Video by Pop Duo Band Chain of Islands Offers a Dreamy Nostalgic Feeling with R&B Infused

Last month, Pop duo band Chain of Islands surprised its fans when it released its anticipated music video for “Shelter”, their latest ballad track that has sent shock waves across its devoted fan base in the past few weeks since its premiere on June 15, 2021.

Chain of Islands premiered the official music video for their latest ballad track “Shelter” exclusively on CLOUT. The pop duo – made up of Nick Goins and Derek Vautrinot – have creatively crafted a video that not only offers fans a beautiful performance of the track, but gives a sense of nostalgia with its black and white film elements reminiscent of old-Hollywood film.

The duo’s performance in the visual is an emotional reflection of the song’s meaning of healing, and having faith in one’s own strength. Shelter is surely a song that we need to listen to more so in such troubling times as the world continues to battle the pandemic.

“The video for ‘Shelter’ is an effort to capture the feeling of self reflection throughout the times. An isolated moment on the couch when you can take an honest look inward to reflect on who you are and where you’re going, and how the feeling must have felt in any era, past to future.” – Chain of Islands

You can listen to Chain of Islands’ new single “Shelter” online, which is available for listening on all DSPs as of today.

Chain of Islands is a pop duo originally formed in Boston, MA and currently split between Orange County, CA and Providence, RI. Nick and Derek both met through playing in heavier rock acts (Lions Lions and Que Sera) from the New England area. After years of heavily touring the rock/hardcore scene, both members decided to collaborate and pursue new creative avenues leading to the birth of Chain of Islands. The band is excited to release their debut EP slated for release this summer.

Chain Of Islands Makes A Stunning Impression With Their Latest Shelter Music Video

We can’t wait for the bands EP debut to drop and we surely love what they have both achieved so far since they decided to collaborate. Since their formation, Chain of Islands has been able to bring to life amazing melodies from the likes of Foreign and Maybe It’s You, which have garnered the band lots of attention.

Our team reached to the band to find out more about what they are up to and what makes them tick. Find out what the band had to say about their latest video release and much more in the interview below;

  1. Some fans describe your music as a blend of soft rock infused with a RnB vibe to it that draws from life inspirations. Do you think this is true? And how would you describe the music that you typically create?


  1. A) Honestly, that seems pretty spot on. Haha. Definitely more on the Pop/RnB side but we are both from the “alternative punk/rock” scene so I’m sure that shows in what we write.


  1. As a band, what is your creative process like? Anything exciting you would like to share with your fans?


  1. A) I don’t think it’s anything out of the ordinary. Nick normally builds an instrumental and we both toss out lyrics, subject matter, melodies until something sparks an idea. Then we’ll get distracted with Ariana Grande and metal videos for a few hours then get back to the writing process.


  1. We have seen your band bring together wonderful melodies like Foreign and Maybe it’s You. What is it that inspired your band in creating Shelter, which is another great addition to your hit list?


  1. A) Shelter started as a voice memo in Nick’s phone from years ago until we finally started to flesh it out. These are the most rewarding songs for us just because you see it start out as a baby with no context and grow into a song that we feel has so much depth. One of our favourites for sure.


  1. How did the two of you meet and what’s the history behind the band’s name, “Chain of Islands”?


  1. A) We both were playing in heavier bands (Lions Lions and Que Sera) prior to writing songs for COI. Nick asked me to fill in for a tour that their drummer was unable to go on and I (Derek) reached out to Nick about writing songs for a project I had an idea for maybe 10+ years ago. 


Chain Of Islands was a solo project idea I had, originally called A Chain Of Islands, where I was going to track all the instruments and have friends sing over them. 


The name just kinda popped in my head when I was watching an infomercial at 2 am. The inspiration for the name came from the idea of individuals (islands) coming together (chain of) in a sense of community building or growing together and coming together for something bigger, better, maybe an amazing experience. Whatever it may be. That sense of accomplishment, breakthrough, victory etc as a shared thing with those that support you or share the same vision.


  1. Is there something either of you has ever done that they think the other doesn’t know about?


  1. A) Hahaha maybe? Not sure. We’ve known each other close to 6 years now and we’re pretty open with each other. 


  1. Do you have any bands or musicians in mind you would like to collaborate with?


  1. A) SZA and Frank Ocean for sure.


  1. How has the pandemic impacted your music? Has it influenced your current projects in anyway?


  1. A) Well, we still haven’t played a show so it really just gave us more time to focus on writing and building the brand while everyone was in lockdown. We are planning for a few headliner shows in the Fall. 


  1. Which artist/band had an impact on your decision to do music?


  1. A) That’s a tough one. There’s so many. Especially since we’ve both been playing music since we were young. I know for me Blink 182 was definitely my biggest inspiration when I first started playing drums. 


  1. What do the both of you usually do for fun in your free time when you aren’t creating music?


  1. A) Eat food. 


  1. What is the one misconception that people have about your band or you as individuals?


  1. A) I think people believe we’re a lot younger than we are! And we fully intend to keep it that way. 


  1. How did the two of you get into music? Is there an interesting story behind it?


  1. A) I think it’s just something we were naturally drawn to. Being exposed to local punk and hardcore shows at an early age shows you a community that you may not be aware is out there, especially when you don’t necessarily fit in to traditional social groups like we did when we were younger. I think it’s fair to say we wanted to be like the bands on stage that brought all our friends together. 


  1. If you hadn’t become music artists, what would you be doing now?


  1. A) Well, I (Nick) would definitely pursue teaching. What I would be qualified to teach? I have no idea. I (Derek) would probably just be eating food. 


  1. Who are your favourite artists or bands?


SZA, Frank Ocean, Deftones, Blink 182, Underoath, Misery Signals, Fall Out Boy, J Cole. The list goes on but those are the artists we talk about the most in terms of who has inspired us.


  1. Do you mind telling us about where you were born and how old both of you are?


  1. A) I (Derek) was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL and grew up in the Boston area. I’m 32. Nick is 29 and was born in Providence, RI


  1. How do both of you manage to separate personal time from work? And has it affected your relationships both on a personal and family level?


  1. A) It is both a balancing act and a work in progress. It takes practice to have balance in all areas of life that bring you happiness. If you end up neglecting too many things or pouring all your focus into one thing, you have the real chance of missing your personal and professional goals. Finding the balance is key and it’s something we’ll probably never stop working on.


  1. Have you both faced failure? What was the biggest one of them all and how did you overcome it?


  1. A) Failure is an interesting concept when it comes to pursuing what you love. I (Derek) consider it a failure if you stop when you feel failure. Otherwise, it’s a lesson for you to keep with you moving forward. To correct that misstep in moving towards whatever it is you were looking to accomplish.


  1. What’s next for your band? Do you have any surprise projects lying in wait for your fans?


  1. A) We do have something that will be announced very soon. Other than that, just getting both of us out to LA and start building out there some more.  


  1. What message would you love to give to your fans?


  1. A) Whether you’re a “fan,” friend, family member or supporter in any way, thank you. We love you. And we’re excited to grow with you. Much love. – COI

You can stream the sultry follow up “Shelter” across DSPs today here: fanlink.to/ShelterCOI and also watch the video on Chain of Island’s official YouTube channel here. 

Watch The Music Video For “Shelter” Here


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"Shelter” Video by Pop Duo Band Chain of Islands Offers a Dreamy Nostalgic Feeling with R&B Infused 1

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