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Fox’s Deputy Season 1 Episode 3 Will Have You on an Emotional Rollercoaster

Fox has a new TV series called Deputy, about the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department. The first episode will have you hooked and keep you harvesting for more, but episode 3 was deep. It was so emotional, it could soften those hardcore watchers.

Warning: Please proceed with caution, as some of this content might contain spoilers if you have not watched “Deputy Season 1 Episode 3: Deputy Down” yet.

Episode 2 ends with one of our favourite and popular deputy of the Sheriff’s department being shot multiple times and it looks bad, really bad. We begin episode 3 following up on what happens after that.

Of course, the acting Sheriff at the helm is not happy about this and throughout the series will do whatever he can to lead the entire department to find the pup who is responsible, handle the fallout and try to keep the team together.

Like all law enforcement units around the world, harming or killing an officer of the law fetches the full might force of the government against you because these people sacrifice and put their lives on the line everyday to keep others safe.

Even if you don’t like them, you are not expected to kill or severely hurt them. We have seen this in several TV series and movies such as The Vampire Diaries and Triple 9. In Triple 9 we got a closer look at the “999” code which alerts others that an officer is down and all units must find the culprit.

However, that’s not even what I liked about this episode, I was particularly drawn to how realistic the chemistry and drama felt. We are seeing a deputy as the acting sheriff way over his head, but still grieving for his officer.

Yet he must try to keep a department of angry confused deputies who want blood for whoever came after one of their own when he was off duty.

It is not as clear cut for him anymore, because he is now in a position of authority, he can’t just sanction this without considering the fallout and image of the department, so he must do whatever he can to find the suspect before his deputies find the person and exert revenge.

While still knocking down doors and carrying out investigations is when the most emotional moment, I have seen in a TV series this year comes in, the roll call for a fallen cop. When they are calling out names on the radio and the awkward silences, it will even make you tremble a bit. The fact that the acting Sheriff gets teary eyed doesn’t help things.

I will stop here before I spoil any further, just try out the series, its not bad. It still has a few kinks to iron out with the story which is all over the place, but I believe it has potential and has a different take on popular action police dramas.

Deputy TV Series 2020 - Newslibre

About Deputy:

Deputy is a TV show about a long serving deputy sheriff in Los Angeles who is reckless crazy and facing a panel for his behavior, he believes they are fossils behind their fancy desks and haven’t had an idea in a long time about what it is like to be a cop in the line of fire daily.

He is facing a possible termination or suspension when the top boss, the elected Sheriff, his old buddy dies and according a century old law, he as the longest serving deputy will be the acting Sheriff until a new boss is elected by the people in 100 days.

His whole life turns around and we are seeing how a man who is still in shock and knows nothing about leadership is navigating and trying to change the department with the temporary shoes while facing constant resistance from a lot of enemies within.

We really have hope for this one, if handled right, it might become one of the best and most watched shows on Fox this year.

You can watch the trailer for Deputy on YouTube.

Deputy Ratings:

Newslibre: 7/10
Google: 80%
IMDB: 5.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 31%


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Fox’s Deputy Season 1 Episode 3 Will Have You on an Emotional Rollercoaster 1

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