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Opinion: Why Aren’t More Women in Power Positions?

You hear all the time, on black Twitter from the PC types, about women being denied access to positions of power as a consequence of prejudice and oppression. It’s like, “Yeah yeah, everything is caused by the same thing first, right?’’ One causal principle, wonderful. Now you’re a philosopher and you can figure out everything with it.

Another assumption is that people who run things are sitting at home, smoking big cigars and telling their minions what to do. That is not what it is; that’ the 1920s millionaire on the cover of the monopoly game. That’s no sociological analysis.

Okay, let me start by saying that women are generally much unhappier now than in the late 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s. Polls say. I think that’s partly because freedom and happiness are two completely different things. They are not even close.

As I grow older, I see a lot of young women struggling to know what to do with their lives because they’ve no idea how to have a job/career and a family.

A study was conducted in Canada on extremely high functioning and young female lawyers trying to figure out how to balance their career with their desire to have a life. These women were/are brilliant, conscientious, intelligent, deadly in high school and nailed law school, and made partner by the time they got to 30.

It’s as if they were on a rocket to the top position. Now, what do they find when they got to the top? Well, stressful 80-hour workweeks. I know women that are highly successful and in positions of tremendous power; they work all the time – from the second they wake up to the second they go to sleep. They don’t just casually work.

Women are generally much unhappier now than in the late 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s

Opinion Why Aren't More Women in Power Positions - Newslibre
The issue isn’t why aren’t there more women in positions of power; it’s rather why are there any men insane enough ever to occupy those positions. (Image credit: Chevanon Photography from Pexels.com)

Some of you get to the library and say I studied for 6 hours and think you worked hard. Oh well, you didn’t – you studied for half an hour, you had coffee and looked through Twitter and Instagram, and you’re happy about it. However, you know that you didn’t and that’s partly because you can’t.

I can only read for about 2.5 hours until I am done. And I am pretty good at it.

These people who are running things are generally and in most cases self-made, efficient and smart, you just can’t believe it. They work 80 hours a week. Most of them happen to be men and why is that? There are a small number of insane men, who will do nothing but work, no matter where you put them.

So, the issue isn’t why aren’t there more women in positions of power; it’s rather why are there any men insane enough ever to occupy those positions.

You may also want to think about the relationship between money and wellbeing. Once you have enough money to keep the bill collectors from your door, having extra is just a bonus to improve your life.

So, why bother with it?! Well, that’s what the women in the law firms think. By the time they’re in their 30s, almost all of them are married to men who make as much or more than they do because that’s what women go for, cross-culturally, 4 – 5 years older, equal or higher in the socio-economic status.

Long story short, we get things backwards so often; it’s not why there aren’t more women in positions of power, but why do any men want those positions?

It comes with a lot of responsibility to run a billion-dollar company. You’ll have enemies that are trying to take you out all the time. Look at Apple and Samsung, they’re at their necks in endless court battles.

You may say, well they get a lot of money. But what makes you think that’s such a good thing? If you’re half-crazy and have a lot of money, you’ll get crazy a lot faster, and that’s for sure because it frees you from all sorts of constraints. Generally speaking, lottery winners are no happier a year later.

Believe me, I am not saying that women can’t handle responsibility and neither am I complaining about women’s priorities. The older I get, the more I understand that marriage and family are of primary importance.

So, anyway, back to these women; what do they do in their 30’s, they look around and think why would anyone in their right mind want to be woken up at 3 am on a Sunday morning by their client who wants them to work for the next 5 hours nonstop to fix a problem which is going to cost them a $100 million.

The reason why you aren’t enjoying your Sunday sleep is that if you don’t get out of bed and work on that client, someone else will. It has nothing to do with masculinity or any of those foolish ideas.

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