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Apple iPhone XS and XS Max Have Dual SIM Support

Apple lately is always late to the party, the trillion-dollar company announced at its concluded event this month with much fanfare and flare that its new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max would come with support for dual SIM capability.

Some Apple fans are of course excited for this whereas much of the world is not, because this feature has been around since the early 2003’s. In fact, it has even advanced to be better than what Apple is offering.

So how will Apple’s dual SIM work?

Apparently only China will get iPhone XS and XS Max models that have physical dual SIM slots with dual standby mode. The rest of the world will get the much more complex models that support an eSIM and one physical nano-SIM card.

Apple anticipates that the major use of the dual SIM capability will be for those users who have a work/business line and a personal line as well as for frequent travelers who need to have a local line to avoid roaming costs. The lines also have labels and could be used to distinguish between the primary line for calls or SMS and internet data.

If someone calls your other line when you are speaking on one of the SIMs, they are directly sent to voice mail. You can set the default line or which line to use before making a call. You will be able to make some of these changes in the iPhone XS and XS Max settings.

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The real kicker though is that very few telecom companies and ten countries have the capability or have accepted to support the new eSIM such as United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, US, Spain, and India.

Too bad, Africa is not represented, maybe the sales here are just not enough to even warranty the effort. I’m curious to see slayers brag about having eSIM when it is totally useless for them given incompatibility.

So far in the US, only AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile confirmed compatibility whereas Sprint is still in balance. In India, only Airtel and Jio will offer support for Apple’s eSIM with Airtel only offering the SIM for postpaid plans unlike Jio.

The dual SIM support will not be available yet in the current iOS 12.1 first beta, but it will be available in the second beta. Apple has not confirmed the date when this update will be provided for the iPhone XS and S Max.

The concept of the eSIM is not new either, Google did present the possibility of using the feature on its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Honestly, innovation at Apple’s mobile division is dead, the company is now riding on cult loyalty, pedigree and snob appeal. Let us see what applications the telecoms will come up with for the eSIM technology.

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