Echodu's Mind: The Religious Hypocrisy 1

Echodu’s Mind: The Religious Hypocrisy

Today, my mind is full of unravelled thoughts and I am definitely going to raffle a couple of feathers and probably shake those amazing tables some of you are having a great time dancing on.

Why are Christians probably the most judgmental people in the world? Aren’t we supposed to be spreading the love of God and extending a hand of compassion? We often choose to be on the serving end of the judgments people receive and some of these verdicts are out of this world.

I write all this knowing that some of the things I highlight will resonate with what some pastors have said in your churches on Sunday, so let’s carry on.

Let’s start with how women are judged based on the way they dress. A lady is wearing a short dress, skirt or something that is quite revealing, and people start giggling and making “monkey noises.” Out of ‘pure’ curiosity, what’s wrong with her being comfortable with the way she is dressed?

Looking back at the time of Jesus, he wasn’t particularly focused on the dress code at all. You can justify the giggling by saying that the short skirt is arousing “unholy” thoughts, but you’re free to close your eyes. Avoid that “unholy” sight and let’s all move along with our lives.

Echodu's Mind: The Religious Hypocrisy 2
A lady dressed in a short dress going about her work and business (Image Credit: Observer)

Then, we have the group that criticizes those that have tattoos and a lot of piercings on their bodies. I do understand that the Bible does talk about markings on the body being bad, but the world has since transformed. Let’s move with the times and generally mind our own business.

Let’s stick to following the religious law and stay clear of anything that contradicts it. Manage your relationship with God in such a way that it does not inconvenience those around you that you’d normally be itching to judge.

Realistically, in this day and age it is nearly impossible for one to be immaculate. It takes an airtight level of commitment and resilience to achieve that today. Therefore, one has to wonder what gives today’s Christians the power to judge those in society based on terms of faith and holiness?

Why do we feel entitled to have every bit of an opinion on what they should do and how?

We could direct this to the modern teachings we receive in our various “independent” churches. Without a handbook to spell how pastors guide our religious journeys, we find ourselves subjected to similar teachings but with contradictory explanations and justifications. The clash in thought and opinion is the root cause of this judgement.

If you feel so bothered by the world and truly want to make a change, how about you take bread to those street kids you keep ignoring every time they ask you for some spare coins and instead you raise your head so high like an ostrich. Wouldn’t another Christian watching you be right to judge you for this?

I haven’t forgotten about you lot that is always down talking the prostitutes, and calling them all sorts of names while with your peers. But when feeling lonely and cold, you drive to those streets faster than a Formula One driver.

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A guy salivates at a lady who is enjoying her day in her short beautiful dress (Image Credit: Quora)

Let’s not forget the lot that speak in tongues and shun those that don’t because they feel their prayers might be watered down. Ultimatums are set in gear for people to start praying in tongues just so they can keep up or fit in. Is this really what it should be? Are we now weighing faith in the ability to speak in tongues?

I kid you not, one time I went to a church and came across a guy who asked me to pray in ‘tongues’. I suddenly broke out into my Ateso dialect. Yes, Ateso! That’s a tongue too. Stop sitting high and mighty in those groups of yours and making everyone else look lesser in their areas of life.

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A congregation praying during one of the services (Image Credit:

Show someone kindness and love, be exemplary and behold, you will start seeing the transformation that you want to see in them. You cannot judge anyone or the world in general from your perspective.

We’d all wish to live righteously, but circumstances change people and their actions. As Christians, we need to be in a position that understands and bases our conclusions on facts.

When Jesus was reaching out to the people and converting them, he didn’t go for the wealthiest people. Okay! the tax collector was rich, but then again, he was a sinner who cheated people of their money. Look at the prostitute and all the other examples.

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Women participate in the Nov. 17 protest in Nairobi. The many attacks and sexual assaults have driven many to such protets. (Image Credit: The Standard)

Jesus reached out to everyone in society without judging them based on their list of wrongs or way of life. He welcomed and respected everyone in the capacity they presented themselves.

We as his disciples need to do better because deep down within ourselves, we know where “the word” found some us. The gospel truth may have hit you while you were at the bar or at a church busy hitting on that innocent girl you were trying so hard to impress.

Therefore, be the Christian example that you want to see in the society and we can have a true starting point on the road to redemption. Do not judge where you have no experience, understanding or revelation.

I used to be that Christian, but ever since I started to approach everyone with an intention to understand their story and help them from their perspective, I have judged people less and touched more lives.

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