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7 Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests in Your Home

If you’re an individual who loves to host friends and family in your home, hosting overnight guests might sound like an awesome experience. However, if you’ve never hosted overnight guests before, the experience can be seemingly intimidating.

Thankfully, there are countless ways you can make sure your guests feel comfortable enough to enjoy their stay and return another time. Include the following seven tips when you’re preparing to host.

1. Deep-Clean the Home

From the baseboards to the toilets, make sure you go through your home in order to make sure everything gets cleaned. Take out the trash, scrub down the bathtubs and clean the floors. Granted, you don’t need to declutter the visible piles of junk mail. It’s okay to prioritize and shift items around for another cleaning session. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Just be sure that the main areas are in great condition first.

2. Ensure as Much Privacy as Possible

If you’re able to set your guests up in a guest bedroom or guest suite, this is fantastic. If not, set up dividers so that they can still enjoy privacy. If you’re living in a small apartment and the living room is the only available space for your guests, dividers help to enhance their level of privacy. If your guests are staying in a commonly used area, try not to use that area until they’re ready for the day.

If you’ve opted to create dual purposes for one particular room, consider investing in a sofa bed with a comfortable sofa mattress. Once your guests are gone, the sleeping quarters can turn into a sitting area. This works perfectly for places like a home office or the living room.

3. Offer Fresh, Clean Linens

Clean linens are important. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing sets of towels and bed linens that are solely for guests. Keep them in a separate linen closet to use when you have guests arriving. To remain easy on yourself, purchase bed and bath linens in white.

White is really easy to soak in bleach and hot water overnight. To make the experience more deluxe, steam the bedding once you’ve made the guest beds. Add a welcome note and a mint on the pillow.

4. Set Up a Snack Bar in the Room

If your guests get hungry or thirst in the middle of the night, they might feel too intimidated to head into the kitchen to find anything. Make things easy on them by treating that bedroom like a hotel. Set up a mini-bar that features an electric kettle, bottled water and mugs. Fill a small basket with items like tea, instant coffee and cocoa packets. Provide prepackaged snacks like chips, granola and mints.

5. Provide Maximum Comfort in the Sleeping Quarters

If you don’t already own a small (and safe) space heater and a fan, it’s time to make the investment. The space heater works wonders for those who get cold during the night. The fan works wonders for those who love to sleep with a fan on. For even more comfort, add a sound machine and an essential oil diffuser to the guest room.

6. Consider Allergies and Food Sensitivities

Before your guests arrive, ask about their allergies and food sensitivities. It’s really nice when you can provide food that doesn’t exacerbate an allergy or fall outside of a restriction they have. Before they arrive, make sure they’re not allergic to pets.

If you’re a cat owner and a guest is allergic to cats, it might be better for them to find another place to stay as pet hair, dander and allergens are challenging to completely get rid of. Discuss those details in advance to be as considerate and accommodating as possible.

7. Communicate about Extra Amenities

Find out about your guests and their expectations. If they’re expecting you to be their chauffeur for the weekend and you don’t want to be, talk to them about transportation options such as a rental car or ride-sharing services. If they need access to the house when you’re not there, talk to them about the details surrounding key access and more. Those details matter when you’re dealing with overnight guests. Clarification and communication are paramount aspects to include.

Closing Remark

If you’re already used to maintaining a clean home, a lot of these tips will feel like second nature. As you prepare for your guests, always remember that your home doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s okay if the laundry stays unfolded in the laundry room during their stay. As long as you include these tips and a welcoming smile, your guests will feel at home.


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