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Best Places to Ride Your Dirt Bike in the Fall

Riding a dirt bike in the fall comes with an extra layer of fun and mud. Fall weather conditions are relatively unpredictable and often come with more damp grounds and varied terrains. Before you tackle winterization and put your beloved dirt bike in storage, consider taking it on an adventure to one of these unique locations that are excellent for fall rides.

Moab, UT

The outdoor enthusiast town of Moab is excellent for all things rough and rowdy. The trails are pretty unforgiving and offer riders and hikers some gritty grounds. Add fall elements and crisp temperatures, and you have the perfect conditions for a day of dirt bike trail riding.

The well-marked trails feature main roadways and alternate routes and are compatible with rookie or veteran riders. Before getting your child into dirt biking and hitting the trails, ensure they have all the necessary protective gear and feel comfortable tackling unpredictable ground.

The Ozarks of Arkansas

Ozark National Park in Arkansas is astonishing forestland with over a million acres of lush green land to discover. Situated in the state’s northern half, the Ozarks are full of exploration and trail riding and feature underground cave access. There are over 1,000 miles of accessible trails for dirt bikers of any experience level, so grab your buddies and plan a weekend of fall discovery in the forest!

Mojave Road, NV

The travel from Nevada to California features a historic trek through the Mojave Desert, where it’s unbearably hot with almost inhospitable terrains. In the fall, the temperatures come down to a reasonable number, making Mojave Road the most desirable west coast location to hit the trails.

A nearly 140-mile stretch of desert trail features Joshua trees, cacti, and mind-blowing views. Come prepared on this adventure with an emergency pack, safety gear, and communication equipment because the location is remote and vast.

The Dunes in California

If you’re looking for more off-grid locations with desert vibes, the Dumont Dunes in California is another excellent must-ride location. The dunes are in Death Valley National Park, and autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the sand. The trail system sits about 400 feet above the desert floor and highlights the most beautiful sunsets in the west, with a trail system suitable for every experience level.

Before you pack your dirt bike away, consider planning one more adventure this fall to end the season on a high note. With every choice featuring drastically different elements, your experience is bound to be a once-in-a-lifetime memory. Remember to pack your essential riding gear before hitting the road, and have fun!


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