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How To Prevent Your House From Becoming Cluttered In 4 Simple Steps

Our homes are supposed to be places where we feel the most comfortable and relaxed. Why, then, do so many of us seem to turn them into places that stress us out just looking at them? If you struggle with dealing with clutter in your house, you are not alone, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed about it.

It’s a common practice that many people fall into, gathering needless objects and having them strewn about all over our homes. If you’re tired of this problem, we have a few tips on how to prevent your house from becoming cluttered so you can start enjoying your home again.

How to Deal with Clutter In Your Home

1. Identify the Source of Clutter

It can sometimes seem like random items start to clog up our home out of nowhere. Unfortunately, we know that isn’t really the case, and the problem often lies with us. The first step is to identify where the majority of the clutter is coming from.

Do you often purchase things you don’t need, even when you know you have enough? Does someone you live with bring in new discoveries every day? Finding this source is the first step towards cutting it off and taking control back.

2. Don’t Assume You’ll Return to Something Later

Clutter is an insidious thing because it builds up very slowly over time. Whenever you have something in your hands, you might put it down and say that you’ll get right back to it in a second. Cutting this thought off quickly can save you a lot of headaches.

A lot of clutter builds up because we keep telling ourselves we’ll deal with it later. Instead, if you have something in your hands, never put it down unless you’re putting it where it actually belongs, whether that’s in a drawer, a closet, or the trash bin.

3. Schedule Time To Remove Items

One of the most effective ways to prevent your house from getting cluttered is to schedule time when you will dedicate yourself to cleaning up. Never assume that you’ll “get to it at some point.”

It doesn’t have to be a long time—just a few minutes blocked into your schedule or calendar for disposing of unwanted clutter can go a long way over time. Eventually, you’ll build a habit of removing things you don’t need, which can prevent more clutter from accumulating.

4. Don’t Overdo Organization

Many people who struggle with clutter feel trapped by it because they feel like everything must be perfectly organized if they’re going to clean up anything. Don’t give yourself an excuse to stop before you even start.

Your organization doesn’t need to be perfect, and you don’t need a ton of storage bins before you start cleaning up. Even if it’s a small effort at first, it’s better than not putting in any effort at all.


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