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The Pros and Cons of Off-Campus Housing You Should Know About

Embarking on your university career means reaching a great milestone in your life. You are about to set yourself on the path to a future with a fulfilling career. A long list of important decisions has to be made, from choosing a college to picking your major.

You’ll need to determine if you will be bringing a car or relying on public transportation. Living arrangements are another priority. While most students choose the dorm experience, off-campus housing is an inviting alternative. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of living off campus to determine what’s right for you.

You Can Have Your Own Space

Living in a dormitory means giving up your privacy. You’ll be confined to a small room that has enough space for two twin beds and one or two desks. It can make a person feel claustrophobic when crammed in close quarters. It’s also difficult if you don’t get along with your roommate. There’s no escaping the person who shares your room. You’ll have no control over who comes visiting when someone else is living in the same limited amount of space.

Off-campus housing offers you personal space. You can be selective, choosing an apartment that has only one other roommate or even a studio apartment. You’ll have your own bedroom. In most cases, off-campus student housing provides students with their own bathrooms as well. It is a gift to have the luxury of going to your own room when you need peace and quiet.

As an added advantage, each person in an apartment is only responsible for their own portion of the rental agreement. If you went in search of a private apartment, all of the payment responsibility could land on your shoulders.

You May Be Able to Save Money

The cost of living in a dorm may look like the more economical choice because it includes parking and a meal plan, and there’s no need for transportation. However, many off-campus students’ housing locations can cost you less than on-campus living.

Do your homework and compare. If you share an off-campus apartment with several students, it will bring down your monthly housing payment. Your utilities will be included. You may have a laundry unit housed in your apartment, saving you money and time spent at the laundromat.

Meal plans on campus can come at a hefty price. Thrifty shopping and sharing the bill with roommates can be more economical. Transportation won’t be a problem when shuttle bus services are provided to campus when you choose housing that has been designated for students.

Off-Campus Living Comes with Extra Perks

Off-campus apartments, like student housing in Orlando, FL come with amenities. Many are furnished and have a full kitchen and spacious floor plans. Students feel like they are living at a resort when they have an inground pool, sauna, clubhouse, and coffee bar.

A fitness centre and a variety of courts offer opportunities for staying active. Pets may be allowed with an added fee. Off-campus housing allows students to experience independence while being part of a community.

The Pros and Cons of Off-Campus Housing You Should Know About - Newslibre
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There are a Few Drawbacks to Off-Campus Housing

It may be inconvenient to commute to your classes when you live off-campus. Parking is available if you bring your own car. Otherwise, a public shuttle bus will be available. You’ll have to plan carefully to get to campus on time.

Resort-style housing will offer you many distractions. You’ll need to be disciplined about taking care of your school work before heading out to socialize. Set a time when you will be dedicated to your studies every day. Let your roommates know that you will be off limits at that time.

You can leave some flexibility for special gatherings or on the weekends. Don’t let courses suffer while you are out having fun.

Living off campus will have some challenges. However, the positive far outweighs the negative when you look at the big picture. You’ll have an apartment that will show you what it is like to live away from home. You’ll learn how to have more responsibilities.

At the same time, off-campus student housing will give you a chance to get the most out of your college experience. Four years will fly by, motivating you to find living arrangements that are as wonderful as your student housing.


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