5 Good Cars College Students Should Consider Driving 1

5 Good Cars College Students Should Consider Driving

The modern era bounds to fabricate a gap between the living standards of the people. Regardless of the income, people are trying hard to live up to the societal thoughts of status. And, owning a vehicle in today’s time can cost quite some bucks from your pocket, but foresing the brighter side of keeping one would be to your benefit.

Although, with services such as Thesis Rush, you can save a lot on assignments, yet it takes much effort to buy a car that could fit in everyone’s budget. Moreover, owning a vehicle to commute to various places, is definitely the need of the hour.

Now if that’s convincing enough, we shall unfold affordable automobiles which can fulfil your long-lost dream and bring it into reality. So, here is a glimpse of some four-wheelers that could be in the best of your interest:

Best Cars For College Students

1. Ford Fiesta

5 Good Cars College Students Should Consider Driving - Newslibre
Ford Fiesta ST

Starting with something where the name itself suggests quality. A virtuous brand in the field of automobiles, Ford has always been at the frontiers in delivering automobiles that are reliable and compatible with your needs.

It provides you variants so that you have options to choose from and would not have to remain confined to a lesser spectrum of choices. It is pocket-friendly and would amount to a sum below 15,000 USD. With a sleek body structure and appealing interiors, Ford is definitely a catch you cannot afford to drop.

2. Jeep Wrangler

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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon – Newslibre

The best choice in case of speed, mileage, and adaptability, Wrangler would fit into your budget and that too in style. It is perfect for both in and out campus environments. With a strong body and perfect design, you can now take your circle for spring rides and long drives even without a second thought.

Built to run on rough terrains and the toughest roads, Wrangler can make you move through all this swiftly with an outstanding mileage. It comes equipped with all modern-day technological tools that would make you want it all the more.

3. Chevrolet Sonic

5 Good Cars College Students Should Consider Driving - Newslibre
2018 Chevrolet Sonic

All that the brand is trying to do, is provide you with a four-wheeler with top-notch features in a pocket-friendly amount. Sonic possesses a unique charm that makes it all the more difficult to just pass along.

A classy five-seater with an engine of horsepower 138 stands in line against its rivals for being more spacious and sportier than ever before. It is best in class within the category of a subcompact car that, within your budget will provide you with all the features that an ideal pocket-friendly four-wheeler can possess.

4. Mazda3

5 Good Cars College Students Should Consider Driving - Newslibre

Being practical never harms. Doing so will not only saves quite some bucks but makes you more decisive and confident in your act.

Why wouldn’t you want a vehicle that is a balanced combo of both technology and convenience? Mazda3 has room for up to five passengers and is both fuel-efficient and reliable. Its sleek and compact design makes it more convenient to fit in small parking and even crowded places. It would swift in smoothly and is a decisively correct option to go for buying the same.

5. Honda CR-V

5 Good Cars College Students Should Consider Driving - Newslibre
Honda CR-V 2020

What else would be more attractive than owning an SUV during your college tenure? Honda CR-V is a four-wheeler that moulds itself according to your satisfactory criteria and follows up all your requirements for your vehicle.

Moreover, what segregates Honda CR-V from its flock is the unique feature of all-wheel drive that moves over snowy, slippery to rocky terrains with absolutely no glitch.

To conclude,

A car is not just a tin body over four wheels, it is an emotion to express and feel ecstatic. During setting up your mind on buying an automobile, try to tick all your requirements and that too within your budget.

Doing so will not only saves some bucks but makes you more decisive and confident in your act. So, next time before opting for any one of the four-wheelers, be decisive, choose wisely, and act accordingly.


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Bernand Williams is a car enthusiast who loves writing and reviewing affordable cars. In his free time, he likes camping and exploring new ways to solve problems in students’ life.

5 Good Cars College Students Should Consider Driving 2

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