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How to Battle with Sadness

Sadness is a common trait among us as human beings. It’s a state that continues to appear in our life cycle from time to time.

Sadness can be as a result of many of things some being psychological, environmental or due to certain events occurring in our lives.

In some cases one may know why they’re sad and at times may not. Regardless of the cause even when there may not be one, sadness is something that can grip you at any moment day or night.

However, the basis of this article is to look at those steps on how one can take to battle sadness and find a way out of the darkness and void of sadness.

1. Talk about it with someone

Talking to someone about your problem helps provide relief and offer numerous ways to let the burden of sadness off your chest.

The person can be a parent, friend or a trusted relative you feel free to talk with about your issue. When someone has a clue about what you’re going through, it helps provide solutions and greatly lowers the burden.

“A true companion is loving all the time, and is a brother that is born for when there is distress.”- Proverbs 17:17

2. You can write about it

Putting down your thoughts on paper can help a lot in battling sadness. So many have done so with diaries, blog posts and other different forms of writing to try and communicate their feelings.

Writing about your sadness brings out all that pressure and feelings building inside you and becomes a medium through which one can express their thoughts openly which is a great way to battle sadness.

3. Pray about it

Prayer is a very important step in combating sadness, depending on one’s beliefs or religion even when you’re not a person of faith. Prayer or meditation can be a comforting way to let out your inner thoughts and help you battle the sadness.

Time from time resources such as the Bible, Quran and other mediums have provided a good example and even have stories based on figures that have gone through sadness and have won against it.
One can relate to these examples to derive solutions to their problems, “the peace of God that excels all thought will guard your heart and your mental power”- Philippians 4:7

4. Engage in exercising activities

Exercising is one of the healthiest ways of combating sadness. Studies have shown that exercise releases certain chemicals in the body that help fight sadness.

Exercise creates an energetic, calm and positive outlook on a person which reduces stress and relieves the body and mind together. So, a little of exercise won’t hurt for example gardening, evening walks, gym and other different forms.

5. Listen to your favorite music

Music is something that has continued to influence humanity either positively or negatively depending on what one is listening to. Music helps the mind to relax and its one way of combating sadness.

House, soft rock or classical music can play an important role strengthening one’s confidence, mood and also creating a positive outlook towards life.

There are different ways or tactics in which people fight against the dark cloud of sadness and vary from person to person. However, one should understand that sadness is not a permanent situation and can be changed.
If you have any interesting steps on how to deal with sadness, let us know in the comment section. Thank you!

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