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When Should You Leave Home

Now this is something we all think thought about. Among girls it’s much harder considering the protective and controlling nature of parents, among boys it’s harder considering the need to fend for one self especially financially and laziness.

The moment you enter university if you are so lucky to do so, you should fight to grab your freedom rent a hostel or rental, this is a start. Find a part time job and learn the hustle. When you’re done don’t go back home.

Nevertheless, these signs below yell “leave home and set me free”

When Should You Leave Home - Newslibre
Mixed race teenager loading car for college. (Image credit: The Odyssey Online)

When your parents start taking you for granted.

They make you do every small thing even what they can do for themselves; basically you’ve been demeaned to a child and slave. This could be a little extreme for some and could be a misconception by the snobs (better term than spoilt kids).

When you are no longer respected.

Respect works both ways and you can know when yours is no longer valued. You’re even imparted with a curfew, blamed for every small thing that goes wrong. Scorned in front of everyone and ordered around like a personal servant in the nobility reigns in the 1800’s. This is your sure tell tale sign to leave home.

If you’re fending for yourself.

Often times other than the protection and guidance, the only perk at home is the food and roof over your head then, but if you can or are already providing these for yourself then you’re long overdue from relocation as you’re now an inconvenience rather than a desired guest. Find your way and start out.

If it’s on your thought all the time but you never leave.

This is the universe’s way of telling you “hey son, it’s time to venture out in the world and get rolling”. Life is like a book if you never move out of your comfort zone then you’ve just seen one page of that book.

If you’re still blessed with a father, there comes a time when as men you compete for the reigns of the house. Yes we are still animals and in the animal Kingdom, males must show domination. This never ends well, set your own domain.

Are you religious, a Christian? Even the Bible talks about this. Abraham tells Isaac, when a man grows, he must leave his father’s house, find a wife marry and start his own family. You’re late to the doctrine.

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