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How to Throw a Bachelor’s Party

Bachelor parties since time memorial have been organized before the wedding day. This provided a chance for the groom-to-be with one last night of being free and having fun with his closest male friends. This involves considering the groom’s likes and dislikes.

In most cases it was the best man who took a central role in organizing the stage and bachelors party with the help of the groom. The guest list is usually made up of all the groomsmen’s school buddies, male co-workers, childhood friends that can make the groom’s last night as a bachelor enjoyable.

Places one should recommend to host a bachelor’s party

Bachelor parties don’t need to focus on booze and strippers. Consider organizing group events such as watching a movie at the cinema with friends, paintball or golf which will make it fun for the groom and his fellow mates. 

The last thing a bachelor would think about when he/she is about to let loose, is rules. Therefore for a successfully memorable send off, one ought to follow a few of these do’s and don’ts.

How to Throw a Bachelor's Party - Newslibre


Invite buddies to spice up your party to provide good company as you crack old jokes and engage in games. Limit the alcohol intake and keep safe.

It is also advisable and fun when going out for a bachelor’s party to chauffeur a limo or a van for all your buddies. This will help a lot since no one will have to worry about who is going to drive them home. It’s fun hanging out together and being chauffeured in a limo or a rented van.


Desist from inviting a member from your fiances family. Avoid talking about it and taking pictures of the bachelor party. It’s also advisable not to have the party at a place where you may bump into the bride to be.

This being the last night, your friend is still a bachelor and try to make it epic and memorable for the groom as he heads off into marital bliss.

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