Uganda Submits First Ever Film For The Oscars Awards 1

Uganda Submits First Ever Film For The Oscars Awards

As the Uganda film industry continues to steadily grow, a first film from the country has been submitted to the Oscars Awards in the category of Best International Film.

The Uganda Academy Selection Committee (UASC) on the 11th of September selected the film Kony: Order From Above by director Steve T/Ayeny as Uganda’s official entry for the 2020 Oscar Awards.

The film which is centered around a story of a young boy who is in love with a young girl, gets abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel group that terrorized the Northern parts of Uganda.

This movie drama based on actual happenings tells a story of two youth, Otti and Aguti who fall in love during the tumultuous northern Uganda Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency.


Uganda Submits First Ever Film For The Oscars Awards 2
The love story in the movie amidst so much inhumanity and terror

They are however separated when Otti is abducted at age 11. While in abduction, Otti attempts to escape back home and is instead caught and battered at each attempt.

He decides to stay in the bush with the LRA rebels and is soon introduced into the inner command circle of notorious LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony’s. Despite his concession to notoriety, his love for Aguti remained undeterred.

In an attempt to sustain it, Otti wrote letters to Aguti through the village reverend. During the LRA raid to Aboke Girls School, Aguti and other girls are then abducted.

Uganda Submits First Ever Film For The Oscars Awards 3
Director Steven Ayeny is asking for many Ugandans to push the film to get to the international awards.

Upon arrival at the Kony camp, the abductees are shown to Kony who falls in love with Aguti instantly without knowledge of the relationship between her and Otti.

The selection is only provisional pending the film’s fulfillment of all Academy eligibility of all criteria ahead of the Oct 01, 2019 Oscar submission deadline for all country entries. So there will be competition from around the world, but Uganda will hope that the originality and how the movie is based on true events of inhumanity will help it to get nominated to the awards.

Uganda finally managed to get a submission to the awards after a seven man committee was formed in July of 2019 and this committee is tasked with ensuring that they assess all the movies and select one to submit to the Awards for further review.

The film needs to meet almost all seven outstanding requirements and top among them is that the film needs to show at least for seven days at the cinema before 01st of October, 2019.



Uganda Submits First Ever Film For The Oscars Awards 4

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