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OCN Considers Voice for A Second Season

Dramaland is most certainly taking a new twist as we have seen KBS announcing Mystery Queen will be getting a new season which has left OCN without a choice but renewal the good show for another season.

Voice aired on OCN from January to March breaking the station’s drama ratings. K-Drama fans out there will agree Voice was epic in every sense of the concept.

Another multi-thriller season of Voice is so welcomed, since the story format it had gives the show room for more expansion.

Lee Ha Na and Jang Hyuk will be keeping their roles as Voice profiler and police officer respectively at an Emergency Call Centre working on the same team as they try to solve and save victims of crime within the stipulated time known as “The Golden Time.”

It’s brutal, violent and creepy scenes left a mark on all those who watched it most especially the episodes with the case of the stabbed kid. I still feel the creepy crawlies whenever I think about the kid’s “mother” and how her face appeared above the washing machine.

OCN's Voice - Newslibre

Not only did it make the show more realistic but it renders you glued to your TV set for the next episode.

However, if Voice does come back for another run, I hope that the director, PD Kim Hong-sun, returns as well because the intensity of the series was really due to the energy of his fast-paced editing.

PD Kim’s directing really elevated the storytelling in the first episodes and itt definitely kept most viewers on the edge of their seats as Jang Hyuk ran around with Baek Sung-hyun trying to save the various victims while Lee Hana gave out instructions in his ear.

We also hope that the original cast comes back as well, including Yesung and Sohn Eun-seo, and not become another spin-off like its fellow OCN show Bad Guys 2.

OCN hasn’t confirmed if and when they will schedule Voice 2, but earlier reports suggested a premiere date as early as the first half of 2018. Mark your calendars for some more terrifying serial killers!

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OCN Considers Voice for A Second Season 1

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