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Google Flooding the Internet With Fake News

It is unbecoming and very disappointing to be caught publishing false news over the internet or any other news platform like a newspaper, magazine or social media.

For a search engine giant like Google, we wouldn’t think they are also into such a bad reputable business of spreading false news of a tragic incident that happened over the weekend on Sunday.

However, what really disappointed the masses was Google’s response to the claims of it spreading fake news about the suicide gunman that attacked Texas.

Being one of the biggest corporations in the world, we don’t expect them to do something so low as promote false news of the Sunday Texas’s murder-suicide gunman.

Google promotes false news - Newslibre
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The internet is filled with all sort of false news promoters ready to create whatever suits their needs and benefits them promptly. Regardless of these many netizens have become accustomed to being able to identify these very irritating false media coverage.

“On Monday, countless netizens noted that the prominently placed Twitter-fed “carousel” of tweets featured on Google’s first page of search results contained links to obviously false claims about the cowardly killer, including that he was a Muslim convert, a member of the antifascist movement, a member of a Bernie Sanders political group, and supported Hillary Clinton.”

We are not sure whether that was justified enough for a proper response. It was a quick defensive response that wasn’t really thought through when one reads it.

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