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President Museveni Extends Lock Down in Uganda by 21 More Days

The President of Uganda, his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has extended the lock down in Uganda by 3 more weeks. Uganda is now entering into it’s second month of lock down since this was started on 14th of March.

The president believes that extending the lock down will give the government and medical team time to have a clear understanding of whether they have defeated the virus or give them a better understanding of how to manage the virus in the country.

Museveni Extends Lock Down in Uganda by 21 Days

Museveni says that they have tested over 5664 people and only 54 have so far tested positive for Coronavirus. There is also good news as the country has now registered 7 recoveries from the virus with more expected to be announced as they continue to get treatment.

The Ministry of Health together with the Ugandan government say that they are continuing to follow up with the 18,000 people that entered the country between 7th– 22nd of March before the lock down was instituted.

President Museveni clarified that the reason for the curfew is to reduce on crime that was starting to develop in the night and as for the motorcycles (Boda bodas), they had become part of those committing crime at night and this explains why their work was only allowed to go on till 2:00 PM

Uganda will have security officials looking supporting police and immigration officers at borders to ensure that people are not entering into the country from different countries. This is as a result of reported where officials were being bribed to allow people into the country.

President Museveni Extends Lock Down in Uganda by 21 More Days - Newslibre
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni issued a stance warning to all those who will be caught in corruption acts at the borders allowing people to enter the country.

On the issue of cargo, the president states that only cargo, plus important crew will be allowed in. Those using cargo planes will be allocated a hotel to use while those using trucks will be tested, allowed to continue with their journeys and only allowed to make stops at designated places.

The president insists that at the moment they are looking for ways to manage the current risk sectors which include truck drivers who are carrying cargo into the country or taking them through the region. The other risky group he states are the workers of the United Nations who come from different parts of the world.

Health workers who are also interfacing with COVID19 patients are seen as a risk and as such, the president has encouraged the use of protective gear. “We are producing protective gear, masks, and gloves and will only be importing a few” Said President Museveni.

The president has also clarified that as a country, they have started to produce testing kits which should help the country to carry out more tests for COVID19.

The president has urged Local council leaders not to allow strangers into their communities as a measure to ensure that they protect their people from the virus.

On the issue of loans, president Museveni says that they will not pay loans for people, however, they will have discussions with banks to come up with measures that will work for both banks and clients.

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