Top 10 Tips To Help You Choose The Best HR System

HR department management is a very advanced and multi-level process, which often includes not only the recruitment process but also hiring employees, creating work schedules, tracking employee progress at work and accounting.

Current HR tools provide support at every level of the employment process, and management of the entire HR department in one program increases the system’s efficiency. Zoe Talent Solutions tells more about HR development system.

10 tips to help you choose the best HR system available for your business

1. Supports all HR processes (from recruitment to settlements)

Systems available on the market are divided into two ways: those that improve only one aspect of the employment process (e.g. recruitment, HR and payroll systems) and those that approach the HR issue comprehensively and allow handling all processes. And this second approach is even more innovative and less popular, make human resources management more efficient and saves a lot of time and money.

2. Selecting permissions for each user

Most often, the HR department consists of many people, each of whom is responsible for slightly different tasks. The system must be able to limit users’ access to modules or data that employees need. For example, recruiters should have access only to the recruitment module, and personnel to the settlement module.

3. Creating work schedules

Proper work planning is the basis for effective operation, so it is important that the system enables planning of the work schedule transparently and informing employees about their working days.

4. The ability to create access accounts for employees

Managing a group of employees can be complicated, especially when it comes to vacation planning issues. A significant improvement is the possibility of creating employees access accounts in the system with the possibility of reporting days off, viewing their contracts and reporting changes in personal data. Electronic leave applications can save a lot of staff time, which could only approve employee leaves.

5. Workflow

Model workflow has a great impact on the efficiency of work in a company. An appropriate system should support the design process and the implementation of workflow. Each person should have a defined scope of tasks and receive notifications about them.

6. Complexity in employing foreigners or delegating employees

Increasingly, companies are opening up to employing foreigners and posting employees abroad, which is associated with additional formalities regarding the legalization of work and employment. It is worth, therefore, that the system is adapted to these activities and improve them.

7. Employee e-files

From 2019, employee files can only be kept in electronic form. This allows you not only to limit paper documentation but also to keep it more transparently and to have access to it not only in the office. It is therefore worth that the system we choose has the opportunity to keep employee e-documentation under the letter of the law, and at the same time be eye-friendly.

8. Reports and Analyses

Profitability analysis is a very important aspect at every stage of running a company, so it’s worth checking whether the HR system can generate reports on the profitability of cooperation with individual clients, or regarding the employment of employees. This will help increase work efficiency, allowing you to reduce unprofitable elements.

9. Advanced recruitment module

Recruitment efficiency is a very important element of the employment process. It is not often that more than 150 – 200 interested persons respond to one job advertisement. Without the right system, choosing the best candidates is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So that the HR system must have:

  • recruitment surveys,
  • a transparent database of candidates,
  • the ability to evaluate candidates,
  • inviting candidates for an interview from the system level,
  • the ability to filter candidates (narrowing the search to the necessary criteria),
  • saving contact history.

10. Candidate experience

In an era of employees, where a good employee finds a job without a problem, it is worth fighting for them by improving the Candidate experience. It’s how the customer receives your offer – that is, both the job description and appearance which can have a key impact on their decision regarding the application.

How can the right system help with this? First of all, it can enable simple editing of the appearance of recruitment offers, so that it is transparent and consistent with the company’s style.

Take a look at this impressive infographic about Effective Management;

Effective Management


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