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Future Mercedes Benz Cars Will Be Able to “Bounce”

In an interesting twist, future Mercedes Benz cars will be able “bounce” as part of a new feature called Free Driving Assist.

The feature will not be made for fun though, even if we know the temptation and vast majority of Benz owners will be bouncing along the street and in most parking slots.

Free Driving Assist is meant to help get you free when you are stuck off-road. The car engages the air suspension to bounce the car up and down, the same way people push the car from side to side as you step on the accelerator to try and get it unstuck from mud or sand.

So far Mercedes has already deployed and tested it with its 2020 Mercedes Benz GLS and GLE models, but it doesn’t come as a default option. You have to dish out an extra $6,500 (UGX 24,055,928) for the option being called, “E-Active Body Control”.

Future Mercedes Benz cars will be able “bounce” as part of a new feature called Free Driving Assist.

For it to work, the car will have to don at least 20-inch wheels or larger and you can’t activate the Free Driving Assist Mode unless the car is in off-road driving mode which can also only be enabled when the car is below 110 kph.

To activate; you go to the Assistance menu in the home screen, choose Off-road Assistant and then Free Driving Assistant. In the same menu, you can also go the Individual Wheel Control System and increase or decrease the height of each tyre using sliders on the screen.

This all will automatically turn off if you drive faster than 14 kph though. You can also enable the car lean more in corners so as to avoid it from rolling over by enabling a driving mode called, “Curve”.

The Airmatic suspension comes default with the Benz GLE and GLS, but the E-Active Body Control does not. There are also numerous other features the cars will have such as lane switching assist, parking assist, brake assist, attention focus detection, proximity alert and so much more.

PS: Just imagine for a second the masappe on African streets at traffic lights and night clubs we are going to be treated to when people bringing in these new “bouncing’ models.


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