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YouTube Blocks Picture in Picture Mode On iOS14

One of the biggest updates that Apple released on their iOS14 just recently may not necessarily have been widgets but rather the ability for users to play YouTube videos while continuing to do other things with their phones or tablets.

What this meant was that users would be able to watch videos on a small window as they continued to do other tasks with their devices. However, according to new developments, YouTube has now limited Picture in Picture mode on playing in the background unless one pays for YouTube premium.

If a user pays for YouTube Premium, they will be able to watch videos in a small corner with picture-in-picture mode fully activated. This is not the same case as those who are not subscribed.

Interestingly, this was never the case as recently as of 17th September, this feature was working on the iOS 14 betas perfectly ahead of the software’s official release this week.

There is massive hope for those on iPads as Picture-in-picture mode still works with YouTube videos in Safari if you’re using an iPad, regardless of whether you’ve got a free or Premium account.

YouTube aims to make a buck out of the picture-in-picture feature for iOS14 users

It’s unclear if this is a bug or if YouTube removed the functionality intentionally. For its own app, the video platform limits the ability to play videos in the background to YouTube Premium subscribers. It seems plausible that it wants to restrict picture-in-picture to its paying subscribers.

Until YouTube or Google come out to make a comment contrary to this development, it seems like all iOS14 users will have to pay a premium in order to be able to watch the videos in Picture in Picture mode when they are to do other things.

But should this be made available to also users who haven’t paid for Premium, then this would be a massive development.


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