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WhatsApp Finally Introducing Self Destruct Messages

The most used messaging app in the world, WhatsApp is set to finally introduce the much anticipated self destruct feature onto its platform.

The feature has existed on WhatsApp’s biggest competitor Telegram for quite a long time now and many have preferred it for security purposes.

However, WhatsApp is set to release a feature that they believe will allow users to determine how long messages will last before they self destruct.

Since the feature is still under development, it will not be available for users until the next update on Google Playstore. Those who are Beta testers will however be able to have access to it.

It is believed that WhatsApp is going to change the name of the new feature from “Disappearing Messages” to “Delete Messages”

With the new feature, WhatsApp lets you set messages to delete after either 5 seconds or an hour (there’s no in-between), and the feature also only appears to be available in group chats, where you have to commit to having every message sent in the chat deleted after a set period of time.

The timeline on when the new feature will be added to the messaging app is still a little bit scanty.

WhatsApp’s new self destruct feature will let you set messages to delete after either 5 seconds or an hour

WhatsApp Finally Introducing Self Destruct Messages - Newslibre
Self destruct message feature is available to WhatsApp Beta testers. – Newslibre

Details on the full capabilities of the new feature haven’t been released to the public yet but with security a serious concern in today’s digital landscape, it will be a great bonus to the messaging app.

On Telegram, the self destruct feature works under the “Secret Chat” feature where you can determine how long the destruction timer should last for.

The self destruct feature is also available on Facebook’s other product, Instagram and for a long time users have been waiting for it to be added to WhatsApp too.

The question that now lingers is how long WhatsApp will take to bring dark mode onto its platform.


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