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Microsoft Launches 3 Data Science Modules Inspired by Netflix’s Over The Moon Animation

In the past, Microsoft partnered with NASA, Wonder Woman, and Smithsonian Learning Labs and announced a number of experiences that would teach learners how to code using popular films.

Just recently, “Over The Moon”, a Netflix Original, inspired Microsoft to launch 3 modules in Data Science, Coding (Machine Language), and Artificial Intelligence for beginners.

Microsoft has already launched a Global Skills initiative to help people acquire new digital skills. Fei Fei, the Over the Moon hero, builds a space rocket that’d reach the moon and that was one of Microsoft’s 3 modules.

The large tech company recently launched 3 course modules based on the inspiration drawn from the Over The Moon Netflix animation which include;

1. Planning a moon mission using Python Pandas library: This would be more like, not only building a space rocket that’d take you to the moon, but also be able to bring you back to your starting point.

2. To use Artificial Intelligence to recognize objects in images using Azure Custom Vision.

The Lunar rover has been instrumental in helping us advance our understanding of the Moon and our Universe, and in the new film it even makes an appearance when Fei Fei lands on the moon with her buddy Bungee and brother Chin!

3. Using Python, Visual Studio code and Azure Cognitive Services to predict Meteor showers.

In the film, Fei Fei builds a rocket to fly to the Moon to meet the Moon Goddess Chang’e. It is said that when Chang’e cries, her tears are the shooting starts we see in our night sky.

Microsoft has before, used story driven partnerships similar to this. Like how it partnered with Netflix to celebrate a new Stranger Things season with its Windows 1.11 app, streaming movies and TV episodes directly to TV via Xbox live.

What inspired Microsoft to develop the modules

Fei Fei is a young girl who builds a rocket to the Moon on a mission to prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess. She is fueled by the memories and love of her mother to use her creativity, resourcefulness, determination, and imagination to accomplish something beyond this world: reach the Moon.

While the story takes place in a beautifully drawn universe, it is directly related to the types of problems real-life engineers face as they prepare and execute missions to the Moon and beyond. These lessons are also available on Over the Moon InCulture site, where you can also find videos from the voice actors of the film and even a drawing tutorial from director Glen Keane!

This partnership has been all about inspiring students, career changers, and expert coders to try something new. You can check out more on these lessons on the Azure DevCommunity blog post.

Watch Over The Moon trailer


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Microsoft Launches 3 Data Science Modules Inspired by Netflix’s Over The Moon Animation 1

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