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How Educational Apps Are Changing The System During Covid-19

The pandemic generated by coronavirus has affected various areas of people’s daily lives. Keeping your distance in these moments is very important. In this way, you could prevent becoming infected with this disease, which is highly contagious.

In the education sector, this is no exception. It is no secret that attending a classroom involves having contact with other people. For this reason, governments and institutions decided to close hundreds of schools to take care of teachers’ and students’ health.

According to a report by EducationWeek, school closings in the United States due to Covid-19 affected 55.1 million students. However, this has not stopped schools from continuing to instruct people. The great allies at the moment for schools have been educational applications.

In many cases, many of these were released for free to help teachers keep working. Next, we will show you the apps used by education providers to teach in the time of coronavirus.

1. Google G Suite for Education

This tool has been one of the best options for academic institutions to follow their activities remotely. G Suite for Education is a Google package for educational centres. With this software, teachers have the opportunity to streamline administrative work and enhance their students’ learning.

How Educational Apps Are Changing The System During Covid-19 - Newslibre
Google G Suite for Education (Photo: Google)


  • It’s free: Google is committed to promoting education worldwide. In this way, it offers this tool for free.
  • Unlimited storage: One of the best things that Google includes in this app is that the cloud has no limits to store information.
  • Compatibility: This program can be used on any device, be it smartphones, tablets, or computers.
  • Ad-free: Another advantage that Google Suite has is that it is ad-free to avoid interrupting the learning process.

2. Microsoft Teams

For teachers, Microsoft Teams revolutionized the education industry. Through this tool, you can work as a team very efficiently. Likewise, you can optimize the flow of information, create classes, meetings, tasks, and files.

How Educational Apps Are Changing The System During Covid-19 - Newslibre
Microsoft Teams (Photo: Microsoft)


  • Homework: Through this platform, class homework can be assigned, supervised, and graded very quickly.
  • Screen Sharing: This option allows you to share your screen so that other members can see your presentations in real-time.
  • Joint mode: This mode will enable you to visualize what the other room members are doing.
  • Raise your hand: If you want to create an interaction with other people in this way, the meeting members can ask for a turn to speak.

3. Zoom

Without a doubt, Zoom is one of the most used applications worldwide today. This software offers students new ways of learning from the comfort of their homes. It is a favourite for teachers because they can create dynamic and fast virtual classrooms.

How Educational Apps Are Changing The System During Covid-19 - Newslibre


  • Record meetings: This allows you to record meetings, which will help you repeat classes as many times as you want.
  • Schedule conferences: At Zoom, you can organize future meetings in advance. With this option, you can plan classes and the app will automatically remind the invited people of the scheduled day.
  • Virtual blackboard: If you want to write, draw, or carry out an explanation, this option will be useful at any time.

4. Panopto

It is an app where you can capture presentations. It will allow you to include videos, images, plates, and audio within a recording. This makes it easier to communicate with teachers and students from a distance.

How Educational Apps Are Changing The System During Covid-19 - Newslibre


  • Record classes: Panapto not only works for viewing grades online; you can also upload pre-recorded lessons to speed up and advance topics.
  • Request recordings: You can ask students to create recordings. This tool facilitates tasks such as making exhibitions.
  • Share information: In the middle of the class, you can share different formats of audio, text, and video with your students.

5. Moodle

It is a free Open Source software designed for teaching, and it’s also used to create and manage classrooms online. Teachers, administrators, and students can efficiently work in these classrooms.

How Educational Apps Are Changing The System During Covid-19 - Newslibre


  • Easy to use: It has a straightforward interface for anyone to use.
  • Extensive functions: The list of things that you can do with this tool is impressive. Also, you can install plugins to customize the application further.
  • Languages: It doesn’t matter what language you speak. You can configure Moodle in your native language.


Despite the adversities, the world is going through, continuing to study will never be an impediment. Technology facilitates and provides people with different types of tools to continue training. According to Education Data, 97% of college students have switched to online instruction in 2020.


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