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What is New Age Radio and Why Now?

With the rapid audience shift from television to digital, staying relevant in broadcast media is challenging but necessary for long-term viability. Radio, as a medium has constantly reinvented itself with evolving times, and will continue to expand its wings and dominate the audio content space in years to come.

The years before us have been great teachers for what we’re seeing today. However, due to the global pandemic that has stifled everything, 2020 in particular has been a great teacher and enabler in broadening the horizon and explore possibilities like never before. Radio has been re-imagined and reconstructed in the minds of the listeners.

Contrary to the belief that consumption would dip as people stopped travelling, we saw an increase in listenership during the lockdown. This right here is the light at the end of the tunnel. An opportunity for people to innovate ways to make the experience better.

Being one of the most effective mediums that disseminates credible content, it’s inevitable that the management of the different radio stations come up with innovative ways to collect and retain audiences.

Unfortunately, having just one avenue of streaming content has proved to not be enough. We all know most radio stations only have the web app that is only available on the website. This in a way becomes a hindrance to the ever-evolving experience.

What are some avenues that radio houses can tap into?

Some media houses like Next Media Services have gone ahead to tap into every available avenue to reach their audiences. On top of their media apps like Nxt Radio and NBS Tv, they went ahead to launch the Afro Mobile App that is a one-stop centre for Ugandan content, the King of Ugandan content.

What is New Age Radio and Why Now? - Newslibre
There is a lot of opportunities in radio and the audience is vast. (Image Credit: Kampala Dispatch)

In terms of content, Afro Mobile subscribers are assured of timely breaking news delivery, video on demand, live streams, music, sports, lifestyle and entertainment, podcasts, and much more.

If the frequency isn’t your thing, you can stream from the web, if that isn’t your thing either then the mobile apps have you covered. All avenues are covered.

We now expect advancements like gamification and chatbots. These avenues will further integrate radio into becoming a one-stop audio entertainment destination and setting the trend.

These will enable radio to present an immersive experience and also a deeper level of engagement with their audiences and increase revenue.


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