What Liverpool Players Are Doing In Their Sleep 1

What Liverpool Players Are Doing In Their Sleep

According to Liverpool midfielder James Milner, there is a new craze in the club’s dressing room and it’s the Sleep talking App that they have been using to discover what each one of them is doing in their sleep.

The Reds midfielder says the results have uncovered some very weird bedtime behaviour, particularly in the case of team-mate Andy Robertson.

James Milner says that he started using this sleeping talking App years ago.

‘I don’t use it every day but Robbo (Andy Robertson) and I had a laugh. Robbo said: ‘I also talk in my sleep.’ So we used it and we found it was me who was doing most of the talking – in Spanish. Robbo was making farm noises.’

When asked whether Milner was the more intelligent of Liverpool’s two funny men, he added: ‘You could say that. On the pitch Robbo is unbelievable and off the pitch he is a great character.

‘He also had a difficult journey into football but his ability is massive.

What Liverpool Players Are Doing In Their Sleep 2
James Milner certainly look like the crazy fun guys in the Liverpool dressing room. (Image Credit: mirror)

‘He’s a big presence within the dressing room, lively, enjoys a joke and never shuts up. It’s important to have those characters in the squad especially when, like us, you’re chasing something special.’

So according to this App, it seems we have uncovered that James Milner maybe a Spaniard by spiritual association while Robertson is a farmer naturally.

Probably after his footballing career, the Scot will eventually become a farmer while James Milner could retire in Spain or become a Spanish teacher.

Will be interesting to see what the other players are up to during their sleep hours. We could find that Sadio Mane is a comedian while Jurgen Klopp is Santa not with all the hugs he keeps on dishing out after the games.

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What Liverpool Players Are Doing In Their Sleep 3

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