Silverstone Agrees Host 2 Back to Back F1 Races - Newslibre

Silverstone Agrees Host 2 Back to Back F1 Races

The F1 season still hangs in the balance but there seems to be hope building after Silverstone confirmed that it will host a double race.

The first races of the season were all called off and it is unsure whether they will be back on or not but with Silverstone confirming to host two races, the season could be getting on its feet.

Currently, different key stakeholders are saying that they foresee a season resuming in mid June with the races happening behind closed doors.

The organisers of the British Grand Prix have confirmed they would host two consecutive races at Silverstone this season if required and are currently discussing the proposal with Formula One Group.

How Prepared is Silverstone for F1 Double Races?

“We have discussed all sorts of permutations including hosting two races over one weekend and two races over consecutive weekends,” Pringle said. “I have complete confidence in our ability to put on these events. We have a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge, we can turn that on definitely.

Silverstone Agrees Host 2 Back to Back F1 Races - Newslibre
Pringle says that Silverstone is more than capable of hosting two races in a week or two depending on agreement. (Image Credit: essentially sports)

F1 has been working very hard to try and work out what the solution for the world championship is,” Pringle said. “We have been in regular contact with them, and have been asked could we hold a race or two and could they be behind closed doors. The answer is absolutely, we are open to looking into anything and everything.”

As it stands, the French Grand Prix which was supposed to happen on the 28th of June could be the first race of the season should F1 officials, French Grand Prix organizers and teams agree on how to host the race.

Silverstone Agrees Host 2 Back to Back F1 Races - Newslibre
F1 Cars in traffic at Silverstone circuit (Image Credit:

F1 Group has stated that the original 2020 calendar is no longer applicable and it is attempting to redraw an entirely new schedule in consultation with race promoters. Committing to beginning the season will depend on confidence that the new calendar is feasible.

At the moment, any return to the racing is all dependant on the advise from the different governments of countries that would be host to the races. The F1 fraternity say that for them, it is about ensuring that they avoid being a distraction to the message of staying home to combat COVID19.

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