Sergio Perez Returns For Spanish GP after Battling COVID19 - Newslibre

Sergio Perez Returns For Spanish GP after Battling COVID19

Racing Point are very delighted to announce the return of their driver Sergio Perez who missed out on the doubleheader at Silverstone after he tested positive for COVID-19.

With the team planning to appeal the ruling of F1 on their car by deducting 15 points and imposing a $400,000 penalty, the “Pink Mercedes” is definitely happy to have Perez back in the paddock.

Nico Hulkenberg put up good performances in the absence of Checo but the return of the Mexican ultimately means that he will get to pair with his teammate Lance Stroll for the Spanish Grand Prix that will take place this weekend.

It had been anticipated that he would make a return for the second race at Silverstone but a second negative test only meant that he could only hope to return in time for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Nico Hulkenberg despite a failed car at the first race in Silverstone made amends for it in the second race and managed to get himself some points in the second race finishing 7th just right behind Stroll managing to get 6 points for the team.

Sergio Perez Currently 8th on Driver Standings Makes Return for Spanish GP

Sergio Perez Returns For Spanish GP after Battling COVID19 - Newslibre
Nico Hulkenberg did a fantastic job while stepping in for Sergio Perez was out with COVID19 (Image Credit; Planet F1)

Racing Point statement announced that Perez was given a green light by the FIA to return to the paddock. “The FIA has confirmed that Checo can return to the F1 paddock and he will compete for the team in this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix”.

Sergio Perez after testing negative said that he was only feeling mild symptoms of the virus but that he was in perfect health to race again. “I’m very lucky that I’ve only had mild symptoms. I’ve been able to keep training and make sure that I’m ready to jump back the wheel of the car. I’m very glad I had my tablet to keep me entertained too, though” said Perez.

Perez said that he has missed racing after he was subjected to just being a fan virtually just like the rest of the world. “I’ve definitely missed racing and it was hard to watch from the outside. I can’t wait to get on track, hopefully, this weekend.”


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Sergio Perez Returns For Spanish GP after Battling COVID19 1

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