National Basketball League Finals City Oilers Take Game One |Newslibre

National Basketball League Finals City Oilers Take Game One

The defending champions City Oilers won their first game in the 7 series finals against new comers, KIU Titans at Lugogo  MTN Arena.

For the KIU Titans, this was their first time appearing in the National Basketball League Finals and this was a game to remember not just for the players but also for the fans.

Right from the start, the game was tense with the Titans leading majority of the time and the City Oilers playing the chasing game.

Brian Wathum had organized his team the best way that he could and the defending was right on point, the attacking and shooting were well coordinated.

National Basketball League Finals City Oilers Take Game One |Newslibre
Steven omony was made busy the entire night as the Titans never gave up

With the first quarter ending in favor of the KIU Titans 25:27, it was a very narrow game for anyone to call and it was not long before the City Oilers were back in the lead ending the second Quarter with 34:32.

As the third quarter got in, Enabu and Omony seemed to have the Oilers back in control and the Oilers ended the 3rd Quarter with 52:42 lead.

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But with the help of Sudi and Kazungu, the KIU Titans seemed to fight back and it was a matter of time before they actually closed in on the gap to 52:50

National Basketball League Finals City Oilers Take Game One |Newslibre
The second game was filled with so much fight and grit

It was in the 4th quarter when everything just went crazy with the Titans trying to take advantage of the very exhausted City Oilers to fight back. The Titans managed to push the game into Overtime and the Arena just went crazy as the 4th quarter ended 62:62.

In overtime, the City Oilers using experience managed to pull some fouls off the Titans and seemed to be keeping them at bay, Landry Ndikumana made the basket that finally sealed the game to give the Oilers an advantage heading into the second game.

National Basketball League Finals City Oilers Take Game One |Newslibre
The Titans will be hoping that they can bounce back and win game two

However, the Titans will need to see that they make timeout calls better in the next game because even when the Oilers seemed to be on high gear and attacking Titans with everything they have got, Brian Wathum did not make the Timeout calls so as to calm down the situation.

For the Federation, it a case of same of old story, the officiating is not something to write home about. The calls were bogus, the Umpires just watching as certain fouls and horrible play went on with making the calls was just agitating.

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