Mason on Mission to Save Manchester United Europa Blushes 1

Mason on Mission to Save Manchester United Europa Blushes

With so many injuries compounding Manchester United’s season, it was just a matter of time before Ole Ganner Solskjaer called upon his young boys to carry the responsibility of leading his side.

One those young lucky players is Mason Greenwood who many fans see as the potential for goals in the future for the club that has been struggling to have strikers.

Rashford who Solskjaer gave the responsibility to lead the attack and score the goals for the team in all competitions, missed an array of chances before Mason put the ball in the back of the net to win the Red Devils their first game against Astana.

Mason on Mission to Save Manchester United Europa Blushes 2
For the 17 year old Greenwood, such a massive opportunity and he took it with grace and brilliance. (Image Credit: Getty Images)

United were running out of ideas and opportunities against a stubborn Astana when Greenwood received the ball out on the right 72 minutes into his first European start last night.

Solskjaer, more than anyone, appreciated what happened next. The arrogance to go for goal when there other options were available. The audacious skill. The cold-eyed execution.

The 17-year-old teased Dorin Rotariu with a little shimmy before sweeping past his opponent and casually guiding the ball through the legs of goalkeeper Nenad Eric.

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Solskjaer will be happy with how his young boys have responded in the midst of injuries. (Image Credit: South China morning Post)

OId Trafford rose to acclaim a new hero having honoured him with a new song. ‘Mason Greenwood dynamite, he scores them with his left and he scores them with his right,’ they sang to the tune of David Bowie’s Star Man, hardly expecting to be proved right so quickly.

They had seen Greenwood break through on the club’s summer tour by scoring against Inter Milan and Leeds but this was the real thing; his first official goal for United, and the first of many you can be sure of that.

For Solskjaer, it offers justification for the decision to let Romelu Lukaku leave for Inter Milan this summer amidst worries that he had made a wrong decision to let the Belgium international leave Old Trafford.

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