Luis Enrique Makes Incredible Return As Spain Head Coach After 9 Months 1

Luis Enrique Makes Incredible Return As Spain Head Coach After 9 Months

Former Barcelona manager Luis Enrique had quit his job with the national team after he lost his 9 old daughter to cancer a couple of months back.

Luis Enrique takes over the responsibilities of Spain from Moreno who was his deputy and had done an awesome job in rebuilding the national team that had struggled last year in Russia’s FIFA World Cup.

Robert Moreno took over in June after Enrique’s daughter, Xana, was taken ill having been diagnosed with cancer. Xana passed away in August.

Having led his country unbeaten through eight matches in charge, Moreno departs the national team entirely after being removed as head coach.

Relations between Enrique and Moreno, who have worked together for the last nine years, are said to be strained and FA president Luis Rubiales refused to comment on whether the departing boss will stay with the national team.

Rubiales said that Moreno wanted to agree his departure quickly ‘so as not to hinder the return of Luis Enrique’ and allow the quick transition.

He added: “Moreno did not want to continue but he had not negotiated anything. [Jose Francisco] Molina [Spain sporting director] asked me to go talk to him and ask if he wanted to come back. I told him everything and asked him if he would come back.”

“We have acted sincerely, we have not deceived anyone. Everyone knew that if Luis Enrique wanted to come back he had the doors open.”

There are however reports that the federations did not talk with Moreno personally given that they were happy with the return of Luis Enrique.

Luis Enrique Makes Incredible Return As Spain Head Coach After 9 Months 2
Luis Enrique had worked together for the longest time with Moreno acted as his deputy. (Image Credit: FC Barcelona Noticias)

Rubiales added: “The national team captains always respect those who take decisions and the way in which they are taken.”

“We wanted to meet and talk with Robert this morning, not last night at stadium. So I did not go to the dressing room yesterday, although I spoke with some of the players.”

Although the Spain players are aware of Enrique’s methods from his previous time at the helm, his return from his sabbatical means that this is 5th change of management with the national team in 17 months.

The 49-year-old, who won eight of 10 matches during his previous tenure, suffering Nations League defeats by England and Croatia, is now tasked with guiding Spain at next summer’s European Championship finals and beyond.

The federation is ready to give Luis Enrique time to manage the national team until the 2020 FIFA World Cup as they try to build some consistency.

“Luis Enrique will continue to the Qatar World Cup (in 2022).” Said Rubiales

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Luis Enrique Makes Incredible Return As Spain Head Coach After 9 Months 3

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