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Hall of Fame Recognition Coming to English Premier League

The English Premier League is finally following in the steps of American Sports like National Basketball Association, National Football League (NFL), Wrestling among others that indict their greatest Athletes into the Hall of Fame.

According to the Premier League, plans are already underway with the first two inductees into the Hall Fame set to be announced as early as the 19th of March, 2020.

The Premier League already has two selected inductees that they plan on announcing on the 19th March, but they also have nominees that will be announced and the fans will be able to vote on them to be inducted into the hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame will recognize and celebrate the exceptional skill and talent of those who have graced the Premier League since its inception in 1992.

Which Premier League players do you think will be installed into the Hall of Fame First?

Hall Fame Recognition Coming to English Premier League - Newslibre
Arsenal great Thiery Henry who was part of the invincible team could also be nominated into the Hall of Fame. (Image Credit: The National)

The key to note is that only the contributions that a player made while playing in the English Premier League will be considered. So if your player wasn’t ideally great in the Premier League and suddenly became a success elsewhere, they may not be considered for the Hall of Fame induction.

“Since 1992, the Premier League has been home to world-class players who have defined generations and provided us with compelling football season after season,” said Premier League chief executive Richard Masters

“A place in the Premier League Hall of Fame is reserved for the very best. It will be an occasion for our fans around the world to look back over the years and help us celebrate some truly exceptional playing careers.”

Each inductee will receive a personalized medallion, engraved with the year of their induction.

This should be a great way to celebrate some players who were phenomenal for their clubs despite not being able to win either the Professional Football Association footballer of the year award or winning the English Premier League.

The news having broken this afternoon, factions of fans from different clubs have started suggesting who they feel should be inducted first with Arsenal fans suggesting Thiery Henry and Patrick Viera while Manchester United fans suggesting Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane with Liverpool fans fancing Steven Gerard while Chelsea fans spoke about Drogba, Terry and Lampard

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