Formula One Review: It is the Russian Grand Prix 1

Formula One Review: It is the Russian Grand Prix

This weekend, we head to the ever winter filled Russia for the Russian Grand Prix and what a race this promises to be after Ferrari have been dominant ever since the return from the break.

Sebastian Vettel was the eventual winner of the Sinagore Grand Prix his first win of the 2019 season that has seen his rival Lewis Hamilton already with 8 wins in the season and currently leading the driver’s championship.

Hamilton finished 4 in the previous race down in Singapore and there were reports that Voltari Bottas was asked by the team to slow down and let Lewis to take up the 4th position seeing as the Finn was on course to overtake his teammate.

For Ferrari though, despite getting the 1 and 2 positions on the podium, there was clearly sadness for Charles Leclerc who felt that he was undercut by the team to give his teammate Vettel an upper hand that eventually gave him the win.

Formula One Review: It is the Russian Grand Prix 2
Lewis Hamilton and Vettel will look to renew rivalry this weekend. (Image Credit: Singareporegp)

However, many will argue that Charles Leclerc had all the opportunities to win the race after he was given several chances with the 3 yellow flags in the race but time and again, Vettel kept getting away from the Frenchman.

Mercedes together with it’s drivers Hamilton and Bottas will need to come up with a good strategy if they are to contend with the Ferraris in Russia because it seems that the Tifossi suddenly can compete even on the slow corners something that Mercedes believed that they had an advantage over the rest of the chasing pack.

Sochi has always been a difficult race and already in the first and second practice sessions, we have seen some yellow flags and that could spill over to the race on Sunday but it will come down to how the drivers and the track react.

So far, It has been a Max Verstapen and Charles Leclerc show in the practice sessions in Russia. But can the two young drivers keep the chasing pack away for long?

We need to note though that Hamilton last year won the Russian Grand Prix finishing just ahead of team mate Voltari Bottas and rival Sebastian Vettel.


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Formula One Review: It is the Russian Grand Prix 3

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