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Fifa World Cup 2018 Fixtures and Game Results So Far

The Fifa World Cup 2018 has been a strange but rather an interesting competition so far with old kings of football like France, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and the rest expected to leave behind a remarkable form of performance but the games haven’t turned out as most fans hoped for.

The 2018 World Cup games have left many wondering about who could take this summer’s world trophy. The games played so far have made it quite hard to predict the most likely winner.

France is barely holding itself together though they managed to beat Peru 1-0 yesterday. Mean while, world cup favorites like Argentina can’t stop the mighty Croatia after they suffered a serious beating on Thursday night leaving them on the brink of an early World Cup exit.

As for Brazil, they seem to be ready to take on the fight for the world trophy after beating Costa Rica 2-0 today.

Fifa World Cup 2018 Fixtures and Game Results So Far | Newslibre
Brazil took down Costa Rica today 2-0.

However, the games aren’t yet done and we still expect more thrilling action ahead in the coming matches. Below is the full World Cup 2018 fixture showing all match results so far and upcoming schedules;

World cup games that have already ended in group stages

Thursday 14 June Friday 15 June Saturday 16 June
Russia 5 – Saudi Arabia 0 Egypt 0 – Uruguay 1
Morocco 0 – Iran 1
Portugal 3 – Spain 3
France 2 – Australia 1
Argentina 1 – Iceland 1
Peru 0 – Denmark 1
Croatia 2 – Nigeria 0
Sunday 17 June Monday 18 June Tuesday 19 June
Costa Rica 0 – Serbia 1
Germany 0 – Mexico 1
Brazil 1 – Switzerland 1
Sweden 1 – South Korea 0
Belgium 3 – Panama 0
Tunisia 1 – England 2
Colombia 1 – Japan 2
Poland 1 – Senegal 2
Russia 3 – Egypt 1
Wednesday 20 June Thursday 21 June Friday 22 June
Portugal 1 – Morocco 0
Uruguay 1 – Saudi Arabia 0
Iran 0 – Spain 1
Denmark 1 – Australia 1
France 1 – Peru 0
Argentina 0 – Croatia 3
Brazil 2 – Costa Rica 0
Nigeria 2 – 0 Iceland
Serbia vs Switzerland (Group E)

When you take a look at the score board, you begin to realise how far from the normal truth it can be when we try to predict the world cup winner.

Russia has had some great games so far, France, Japan and Belgium have held their own but, we aren’t certain yet. The future still looks dark and promising ahead.

World Cup 2018 Group standings

Fifa World Cup 2018 Fixtures and Game Results So Far | Newslibre
(Image credit

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Upcoming group stage matches

There are still more competitive matches ahead with Belgium going against Tunisia in Group G, Japan and Senegal in Group H. The fixture is totally lit!

Saturday 23 June  Sunday 24 June
Belgium vs Tunisia (Group G)
South Korea vs Mexico (Group F)
Germany v Sweden (Group F)
England vs Panama (Group G)
Japan vs Senegal (Group H)
Poland vs Colombia (Group H)


Monday 25 June Tuesday 26 June
Uruguay vs Russia (Group A)
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (Group A)
Spain vs Morocco (Group B)
Iran vs Portugal (Group B)
Denmark vs France (Group C)
Australia vs Peru (Group C)
Nigeria vs Argentina (Group D)
Iceland vs Croatia (Group D)


Wednesday 27 June  Thursday 28 June
South Korea vs Germany (Group F)
Mexico vs Sweden (Group F)
Serbia vs Brazil (Group E)
Switzerland vs Costa Rica (Group E)
Japan vs Poland (Group H)
Senegal vs Colombia (Group H)
England vs Belgium (Group G)
Panama vs Tunisia (Group G)


So, who do you think stands a chance of winning the World Cup? Is it still too early to predict yet. Give us your predictions by hitting that comment button!

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