Chelsea Ban 3 Fans For Racial Abuse 1

Chelsea Ban 3 Fans For Racial Abuse

With racism becoming such a big norm in European and world football, a lot of drastic measures are being put in place by clubs and different federations to tackle the vice.

Chelsea who have had their key player Tammy Abraham become a victim to racism in the early days of the season will feel that doing such acts will go a long way in protecting not just their players but also their fans.

Three Chelsea supporters are potentially facing lifetime bans for racially abusing a fellow fan during their Europa League game at Slavia Prague in April.

Chelsea fan Jerome Bailey, 20, said he was the target of horrific slurs about his skin and hair during the Europa League quarter-final first-leg last season.

The Premier League outfit have moved to suspend the supporters and have formally written to Bailey apologizing for the delay.

Bailey had been “disappointed” that the club took six months to get in touch with him after providing names and seat numbers of the alleged offenders.

The three fans, whose length of suspensions have yet to be determined, could potentially be banned for life.

Bailey told BBC Sport: “It’s the result I wanted all along but it’s unfortunate and disappointing that it’s taken so long to get to this point. “Maybe Chelsea need to look at how efficient their procedures are in this area.”

Chelsea said it took time to identify the alleged perpetrators but admitted they could have gotten in touch sooner with Bailey, who welcomed the eventual bans.

“It’s good that zero tolerance is not an empty promise in this case,” said Bailey.

However, he said of the delay: “I just wanted to know that the team I follow cared a little. I didn’t feel like I should have been the one to approach the club – they should have been telling me what was happening.”

Story sourced from Daily Mail


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Chelsea Ban 3 Fans For Racial Abuse 2

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